Thursday, March 18, 2010

Peter Pan

I think I suffer from nostalgia like its some kind of disease.

So why let it fester?

I was going to post this huge long rant I wrote about how I wish things could be just as they used to between me and certain friend. I was so busy concentrating on all that I'd lost, that I didn't stop to look at everything I've gained. After I got past all my angst-filled grumbling, I wrote this. And this is the only part of everything I wrote that mattered.

The past is the past; it was beautiful, but so is the future. I need to not be so scared of it. So, Peter Pan, I'm sorry I had to grow up, but I'm glad we had what we did. It helped me so much. You're still an inspiration. But now it's a new chapter; maybe you'll come back into the storyline, maybe you won't. I just need to stop obsessing over it. And now, I can.

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brighton said...

The unknown future is definitely scary sometimes, but I don't have any doubts about you...but you probably shouldn't leave Provo until I do. Let's do lunch again sometime soon.