Saturday, June 26, 2010

This one may be a doozy

June 26th is always a fun day on my Mom's side of the familiy, because it's a DOUBLE BIRTHDAY!  My Grammie and my brother Spicer were both born today!  So this post is dedicated to them (and written quickly before I leave on vacation!)  I've been asking family members their favorite memories/stories/things about Spicer and Grammie (I stole this idea from my friend Brighton).  It's been fun to hear/read these.  And here they are.

Our Bubba Spicer.

Mommy--Spicer came by his love of performing naturally.  At a family camping trip with several other families, we would gather around the campfire as each family provided the entertainment.  Spicer, 5 at the time, decided to tell a ghost story.  It was all about a boy named John who heard hiccuping in a dark house.  As he entered the house it got louder and louder.  He was so serious and yet his lisp didn't allow him to say his "r"s well--so it was extremely funny.  So we all started laughing.  That was when he informed us that it was not a "funny stowey, it was a scawey stowey."  That of course made us all hit the floor laughing.
Daddy--My favorite story about Spicer is from when he was in kindergarden.  Now, Spicer is just about the most "regular" person on earth...and so he had to go to the bathroom like he always does...and they had a fire drill, so when he came out (they forgot he was in the bathroom), there was nobody in the classroom.  So he panicked and started running around the school screaming.  And when he was telling Mom about it later he said this...and this was back when he couldn't pronounce his "r"s very well:  "I went to the bathwoom and I came out and der was nobody der and I stawted to cwy."
I also like this:  He had to go to the principal's office so many times when he was in elementary school, that they set up a little space for him, just for him to sit because he went there about everyday.
Hope--I love his facial expressions and his stretchy face!
Titus--I like his comedic acting!

Jack--I love his hair and his singing!
Lauren--My favorite story about Spicer is from when we first moved to La Mesa, when Spicer's favorite movie was Sleeping Beauty.  And his favorite character was Malificent (he loved witches and wizards).  Anyways, so we were all sitting in church while the sacrament was being passed.  Minding our own business, trying to be good so that Grammie would pass down the mentos after the sacrament was over.  All of a sudden, Spicer stands up on the pew--he's maybe three or four years old I think, and he says, "AND NOW YOU SHALL DEAL WITH ME AND ALL THE POWERS OF HELLLL!!!!"  Right into that dead silence.  So we pull him down and tell him to hush up; we were all so embarrassed...but part of you wants to laugh, because, I mean, really??  During the sacrament?  Haha, anyways, he stands up and does it again!!  Ahh that story never gets old.  I'm telling that one to my grandkids, for sure.
I love that Spicer has always been his own unique individual.  Even if that means getting into my high heels and dress up and twirling around singing opera.  =]  Really though, Spicer is such a great kid, always wanting to stick to the rules, reminding us of important things, and trying his darndest at everything he does.  He has a tender heart and truly loves and feels for everyone around him, and loves his family.  I love that he would always march around the kitchen with me, singing "Easy Street" from Annie, or help me in my living room recreations of Les Miserables.  He's so dramatic and musical and talented, and I'm so glad he's my brother!
Dan--My favorite Spicer-moment was at our wedding reception when he caught the garter, and your dad said, "That's the only thing he's ever caught in his life!"

Our Grammie Girl

The Eric Chambers Family:

Our boys are so excited to see their Grammie (and Grampie). They have been counting down the days and talking about things they remember about her. So much so that when I was tucking Dylan into bed last night, he reached up with his little hands, put them on my cheeks and said, "I've got a secret." "What's your secret Dylan?" "I love Grammie, " he whispered. "That's a good secret."

He's pretty little to remember lots of details, but he already knows he just loves Grammie. Because you just do.

Small and big, we do all love the Grammie girl. And we hope it's not a secret to anyone. Benjamin and Isaac remember going to Stone Mountain with her and proudly wear the shirts she bought them as soon as they are washed each week. I remember them coming home that day covered in chocolate that they had enjoyed that day thanks to Grammie. I was home with then new baby Dylan and incredibly grateful for the extra help she and Grampie were giving us with the two older boys. They showed those two little boys the town that week and they all had so much fun together. And together we tried to bounce, comfort, and figure out what was wrong with newborn Dylan who insisted on the fussies every night but was otherwise a very calm cute baby. Maybe he was tired of Law and Order shows already?

One of the reasons I fell in love with Eric was because I fell in love with his family. We hadn't been dating very long at all, when I decided it would be fun to go along on his planned trip out to California with him. Grammie must have been a little excited that Eric has a girl willing to go places with him because she quickly offered to pay for my ticket. I was very surprised. The surprises kept coming. Eric's sisters and sister-in-law were beautiful, funny and warm and accepting. Eric's brother and brother-in-laws were intelligent, driven and great story tellers one and all. The nieces and nephews were absolutely adorable and quickly entertaining me with plays, stories, pictures. This was a place that everyone wanted to be. In fact, I've even heard there are children that ran away from home and went to Grammie's. The Chambers home was beautiful, clean, bright and happy. You could immediately tell that it was a home in which the gospel of Jesus Christ was front and center. Scriptures, pictures of the Saviour and temples. Pictures of ancestors. And the spirit. And in that place there was a family that loved each other and enjoyed laughing and spending time together.

That week we were busy. There were outings to the zoo, Sea World, and to see things in San Diego. A trip to Tiahuana (sorry you didn't get to go Hopey). Barbecues and evenings just sitting around laughing at Paul Davis' stories. And of course. Sunday dinner. If I hadn't fallen in love by then, well I was head over heels with Sunday dinner.

It's not so much the food (although the rolls and the mashed potatoes are to die for), it's that behind all of this there were loving hands planning, organizing, cleaning, preparing, arranging so that we could all be together.

This was the family I wanted. That was the mother-in-law I wanted and the kind of mother I hoped I would be. I ate dinner and saw the respect and love all of her children had for her. This was the right family. (After all, how many adult children will agree to drive to hither and yon crowded in cars together to place markers on graves? That's something!) And the icing on the (Claim Jumper Cheesecake), was seeing her relationship with the Grampie Man. They are each other's very best friend. They love spending time together. They're a team. They're fiercely loyal to one another.

So my love affair with all things Chambers began. At the heart of it all is Grammie, Sharon, a Mom. She loves us all so much and would give us the world. I always feel like there is not quite much I can do to give back to her all that she has given me.

Grammie makes it happen. Whatever it is. She makes it happen. Now and eternally.

Happy Birthday.

The Mike Chambers Family:
Some of our family's favorite memories with Grammie are the many vacations we have shared!  In 2007 we went to New York with Grammie and Grampie.  There, we visited Niagara Falls in the rain.  It was beautiful!  At night the falls lit in many colors, and everyone enjoyed seeing that, except Amadan, who was so distraught with a missing pink spoon, she refused to look out the window.  We had flown all night from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Buffalo, New York, and I'm afraid that very little sleep had made for a very grumpy girl. 
The next day, we got to visit many of the Church sites in Palmyra, climbed the Hill Cumorah, and walked through the Sacred Grove.  

Another fun memory from that trip (only fun now because it is over!) is that we drove and drove all over Rhode Island looking for a beach where we could play.  After what seemed like hours, we found a nice little beach with access between some beautiful New England style beach houses.  The kids had a great time in the water, and we all enjoyed seeing the Atlantic Ocean.  After our excursion, we had ice cream at Friendly's and called it dinner.
In New York City we spent time at the M&M store, the Hershey Chocolate Store and at the gigantic Toys R Us (we were traveling with Grammie after all!) 
We have been lucky to spend time with Grammie in locations all over the country, from coast to coast and across the Pacific Ocean.  Having her with us has made every experience a little sweeter (again with the chocolate!) and a lot more fun!!

The Robyn Carr Family:
Robert--When we went to Hawaii, and we'd just got to the airport and got our luggage, we were trying to get a van to take us to the rental car place.  Well, there were so many of us, Grampie went and flagged down a guy and he was supposed to take all of us together.  So this van pulls up and two women jump in front of us and get on--and at least one of them was rather large.  Well everyone decides we can all still get on, so we do, but Grammie was so mad, she would not get on the van.  And she stood out there on the sidewalk with her hands on her hips, and I looked out the window and I said, "That's it!  That's where Hope gets it from!"

Robyn--Grammie has always loved shopping--and has an incredible sense of style.  As a teenager it was not uncommon to come home from school and discover a new outfit in my room waiting for me.  And almost always it was something I really liked.  My friends would always comment that they wished their moms would take them shopping--and that their moms could find outfits like mine did.  They said if they ever came home with anything it would not be something cute like my mom did for me.
Lauren--There are so many reasons why I love Grammie.  She's so fun and hip!  I love that she takes me shopping and makes all my wildest fashion dreams come true.  I love that she lets me come visit her with all my friends, and then feeds us until we can't hold anymore.  I love that she always has ideas of what to do and stories to tell.  I love the fabulousness that is Grammie--a trait that has earned her the nickname of "The Queen" amongst all my friends.  I even love that she gave me a "naughty nightie" at my bridal shower.  But most of all, I love the love that radiates from her; a love of the Gospel and the Church, and a great and lasting love for her ever-growing family.  She is an incredible matriarch and role model.  I love you Grammie!
Dan--I love her cuz she's Lauren's grandma!  She's nice and I like her cooking.
Hope--My favorite story of Grammie is when we were in the car with her and Grampie, and she asked Grampie a question, and he responded with his usual, "Well don't you know?  Can't you see?"  And she snipped back, "Of course I can't see!  Why would I ask if I could see??"
Spicer--Grammie is great because even though she's about four feet tall, she rules the familiy with an iron fist!  She's tough and she's funny.
Titus--Her cooking!
Jack--Ummm the Zhu Zhu pet she got me.

The Cheryl Deacon Familiy:
Robert--I love a mother-in-law that doesn't say bad things about me.
Cheryl--She takes me shopping and fun places, she makes me happy and smile when she's around, but most of all I love Grammie's testimony of the Gospel.  She is a wonderful example to me and my family.
Natasha--She can always make me smile and buys me boats in Hannibal, MO, when I'm crying because my mom won't buy it for me.
Trevor--She makes me happy when she is around.
Daniel--She takes us fun places and her apartment is fun to explore.
Isabella--She takes me shopping.

So Happy Birthday to my favorite 15 year old brother and to everyone's favorite Grammie Girl!


Autumn Lynn said...

This is such a cute idea and very sweet :) Happy birthday to them both!

robertandsharon said...

Thank you family....I love you all and you have made me cry! That's what old ladies do, you know? Since I am now officially old, I will cry a little more and I shall wear purple - oh, wait...I already do that! Anyway you are all my favorite people and I love being with you and making memories together. Can't wait to see you all on July 10th at the FRiSU!

7carrs said...

What a great day for two great people!