Friday, July 16, 2010

My Latest Obsession...

And everyone else's from the looks of it:
The Old Spice Guy.  (AKA Isaiah Mustafa).  My romance with O.S.G. began while watching the Superbowl.  Not being that great of a sports fan, the commercials were by far the most interesting part of that night.  This commercial was perfect in every way: humor, an attractive half-naked black man holding tickets to that thing I love, and it was so quotable!  Brilliant.  There's are two more commercials now (that I've seen...), and if those aren't enough to suck up your spare time, O.S.G. also responds to comments on youtube, twitter, etc. via youtube videos.  He even proposed to someone's girlfriend for them (ahh...cute!)

If you haven't met O.S.G. yet, or if you just need to listen to his deep, soothing voice one more time today, here are the commercials:

But, I am most definitely not the only one obsessed with O.S.G.  In fact, I know he is making quite a splash among my peers here at BYU.  Hence this commercial for the library:

I've never been so proud of being a Cougar in my life.
So, swan dive--into the best night of your LIFE.  Even if that night may be spent at the library.


Autumn Lynn said...

I watched this last night and died's a gem!

Lisa said...

Hahah I totally think I saw them filming that commercial in the it. And I love you, Babooshka.