Monday, August 16, 2010

This is my first post as a college graduate

So far in my "real world" life, I have:
-Gotten food poisoning.
-Shipped most of my worldly posessions off to California.
-Started to really, truly freak out about having to find a job and wondering why on earth I chose to major in something so impractical as English.
-Filled out a career test to try and placate some of my fears and look for jobs that I will love/am qualified for.  Said career test told me basically nothing.
-Started my application for Teach for America.
-Sent out graduation announcements. Yes, they're late.  That's why they're announcements not invitations. If you would like one, we have way too many, so just ask.
-Read a book just for fun for the first time in probably two years (no joke).
-Gotten increasingly depressed about moving far away from all the wonderful people I have met and grown to love in the past three years.

A week or so ago, I had several lessons on pride in Sunday School, Relief Society, and a religion class at school.  I feel like this is something that I've heard a hundred times before, but this time, I really listened.  And guess what I learned?  I'm like the poster-child for pride.  It's absolutely ridiculous.  So I decided to make some changes and really learn some humility.
I think graduating is the most humbling experience I've ever had.  But I've still got a long way to go.


Autumn Lynn said...

I feel so awful that we got so busy with cleaning and packing and finals that we didn't see you before we headed down to Arizona!

I can't imagine how you must feel to have to make that transition with so many changes too.

You'll figure it out though!

robertandsharon said...

It will all be okay. Life is an adventure and you will love the you, Grammie.

Renee (and Eric) said...

Been thinking of you. And moving pains. See, I totally, totally sympathize. I'm just glad you have a few less boxes than we do. It's weird not seeing you pop up on facebook, but that's all right. It's not the only way to be connected. (Or the only thing that can distract a person).

But moving and graduating and life stuff. It's all quite the package. I'm intrigued by the Teach for America thing. You know I did my student teaching in Southeast DC which is about as urban as urban gets. I'm glad I did it, but almost wish I'd not. It took me awhile to feel like taking on a classroom again and while it certainly gave me a tremendous life experience, it didn't really give me the best preparation for future teaching. My co-op teacher was less than helpful and it was a bit like being thrown to the wolves. But options are good and it is a very interesting program.

Sometimes I really wish I'd gone for lower grades in the sciences and gotten a nursing degree. Not because it's my first love, but because you can do a couple of shifts a week, get paid a ton and never have to take papers home to grade. But c'est la vie.

I also just figured out how old all the kids in our family will be when Benjamin will be on a mission and Isaac will be preparing to go to college and wondering what kind of job I'll be able to do then so that we can afford to support them.

Egads. Phews. Why does life cost so much money?

I definitely see something friendly and people oriented in your future. If not teaching then something like counseling or meet and greet.

Good luck!

OK. This is long. Send me an so I can have your email address.

Hugs and lots of love,