Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm letting go of silly things I've been holding onto for years.  Things that I felt "defined me" forever ago.  ...Well really they don't.  They're just keeping me from becoming who I'm supposed to be.  Change is ok.  I need to remember that.  It's ok to move on in life.  Letting go might even be a little liberating.

Moving on doesn't mean forgetting about people who meant so much to me, it just means seeing them in a different light, and I'm becoming more ok with that.  Take that, chronic nostalgia!

Plus, I won't take pictures like this anymore!

Can you tell my mom told me to clean out my boxes I left at home?

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Autumn Lynn said...

I have never been the best with change...and I can really relate to this post. Remember the day we spent a couple of hours just talking about high school and what we were all about? I hope you are having a great time visiting home. Miss you