Monday, November 8, 2010

A social visit.

This weekend was pretty fun.  We went up to see Dan's family on Saturday, and made it up in time for Mason's soccer game (he's in blue, #10):

His team lost 4-3, but Mason scored all three of his team's goals.  After the game, the coach of the other team came up and complimented Mason on how well he played, but Mason was pretty grumpy that they lost, so I don't think he noticed...
I also decided (after seeing all the cute little kids in their soccer outfits) that all of our children are playing soccer.  Just so everyone knows.

Then we went to the Snow's house for dinner, and I was able to check on my garden, which the rabbits haven't destroyed.  Always a plus.

Steph brought over her puppy, Mary Jane.  Mary Jane is a German Shepherd/ Husky mix.  And super cute.

Dinner was incredible: tri-tip, baked potatoes, green beans and a salad.  Plus, Grandma and Grandpa Snow were there, so it was great to see them too.
And I made chocolate and peanut-butter layered cupcakes, because I'm such a great daughter-in-law.  ;]

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lyse. said...

:[ I want to go visit the snows. Send them (especially mason) my love, okay?

I miss them.