Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas-magic time is here!

On Sunday, we went to Dave and Carrie's for a Christmas Celebration!  Steph can't come up to Utah with the rest of us, so Carrie thought it would be nice to have dinner with everyone before we all leave.  Grandma and Grandpa Vaccarello (which I prob just misspelled...) came too.  It was really fun.  I loved seeing all the Christmas decorations, spending time with everyone, and especially the lasagna.  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that Carrie makes the best lasagna I've ever had, hands down.  Those Italians...
We also got to open some presents--well mostly Steph and Grandma and Grandpa Vacc.  Dan and I did get to open our present from Melanie, because she was so excited.  With good reason, since she managed to get us our favorite movie of the year: Inception!
Seriously, so good.

My beautiful sister-in-law, Steph, and all her presents!

Grandma Vacc and her classy new scarf!

Mason took this classy pic of us.

Today, we got two, count 'em: TWO big packages in the mail from my parents!  We piled our stash with the rest of our presents, and quickly realized that we had way too many presents to take with us to Utah.  So we decided that maybe we should open some today.  Basically, Dan was THRILLED, because he's been begging me to open his presents for like a week.  If you could imagine a five year-old boy at Christmas time, you would basically have my husband.  After some ice cream sundaes, we dived into the presents (just the ones from my parents, because they wouldn't be able to see us open them anyways).

My mom also decided to send us this ridiculously large (but cute) stocking!

Far too many presents to take to Utah...

I got this cute sundae set from my office party!  The bowls came even came with it!


This is the one he'd been wanting to open...

Maybe because he already knew what was in it?

What could it be??

Just what I needed, a new straightener!  Maybe now my messy mane will be tamed!

Dan's new Xbox and Kinect stole the show.  But it was my idea for my parents to get him that, so that's ok.  He's already having loads of fun playing with it.  So good idea?  Definitely.  I have secured my status as the best wife ever.  My parents also got me the first two seasons of Bones (Yayyyy!) and lots of cute new clothes!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

P.S.  If anyone guesses where the title of this post came from, they get a cyber cookie.  Unless you live near me/I'll see you in the near future.  Then you can get a real cookie.


lyse. said...

Oh my gosh! So many presents! Ahh Lauren have fun at the cabin!! Remember all the good times (i.e. all two of them) that we had there? Hope you have a merry christmas!

also, you realize that now you got danny a grown-up toy, you are never going to see him again?

7carrs said...

he already had golf clubs- it was a losing proposition! This she can play with him- it was for both of you!
Glad you enjoyed your presents! I am trying to follow in some shoes that are hard to fill- Grammie is the queen of Christmas! See you next week!!

Autumn Lynn said...

It cracks me up that y'all have already opened your presents.

happy anniversary...and maybe by the time we've been married as long as you have we can start decorating our apartment and be stinkin' cute too ;)

I love you too!