Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"No matter how technically perfect we might be in obedience, if we do not have charity, if love does not guide our actions and cause us to work to improve the lives of others, that obedience is impotent."

So, so true.  This is one of those statements that just resounds in every fiber of my being.  (Cheesy sentence, but work with me.)  The Gospel can be hard sometimes.  It's built on simple principles, there's just a lot of them.  And they all get tangled up and mangled up and everyone has an opinion on it.  I think it's important that throughout it all, you just remember what's at the core.  Love, love, love.

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7carrs said...

as the Beatles say "All you need is love"- though I am sure they didn't understand the Christ like part of it. ")