Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 Days a Blogging: Day 20

Write a letter to someone.

Dear Lyse,
Maybe it's a cop-out to write to my pen-pal, but I feel like I haven't written you in awhile, and I miss it.  I'm so glad we're friends and that we get each other's (sometimes nerdy) interests.  I read on your tumblr earlier that you went to a museum by yourself today.  I don't know if that was by choice or not, but I said to Danny, "Well, I would have gone with her!"  Even if we just walked in silence.
It makes me sad sometimes, because I feel like we could have spent so much more time together when we were both in P-town, but I like to think we have a lifetime of friendship ahead of us.  Especially when we live down the street from each other some time in the distant future.
I just looked at your facebook and ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO LONDON FASHION WEEK!!  Why is your life so glamourous???  Life here has been pretty droll as of late.  It started raining this week and basically hasn't stopped.  I thought it was supposed to be sunny here so I could go to the beach/the zoo/fun places, but clearly the universe is just against me.  Today Danny and I went out for a late lunch/early dinner, and while we were walking back to the car, it thundered.  Obvs if we were anywhere else but Southern California, this wouldn't be a big deal, but since we ARE in socal, this is clearly like earth shattering, so when it did thunder, I gasped, and so did this black lady that was walking past us and then she looked at me and we had basically the same face on and so we both started laughing.  Dan didn't even know what was happening, but I was like don't worry, it's just human connection.  That's pretty much the most exciting thing that's happened all day.  Clearly, I need you to come back and have dinner parties with us, and save me from myself.
At work I'm going to get to start working on a newsletter.  I'm movin' on up in the world.  Part of me is glad that I have all these new, important things to do, because it means I don't really have to file anymore.  Filing is basically the bane of my existence. 
I think I like handwriting these better.  I'll wait for your postcard to get here and write you a real letter soon.  Because hopefully your postcard gets here soon, I'm like dying from anticipation.

Per our somewhat-becoming-a-tradition, I'll leave you with a poem.  John Keats, becasue, well I just watched Bright Star, and do I really need to explain myself?

La Belle Dame Sans Merci
O what can ail thee, knight at arms,
Alone and palely loitering?
The sedge has wither'd from the lake,
and no birds sing.

O what can ail thee, knight at arms,
So haggard and so woe-begone?
The squirrel's granary is full,
And the harvest's done.

I see a lily on thy brow
With anguish moist and fever dew,
And on thy cheeks a fading rose
Fast withereth too.

I met a lady in the meads,
Full beautiful, a fairy's child;
Her hair was long, her foot was light,
And her eyes were wild.

I made a garland for her head,
And bracelets too, and fragrant zone;
She look'd at me as she did love,
And made sweet moan.

I set her on my pacing steed,
And nothing else saw all day long,
For sidelong would she bend and sing
A fairy's song.

She found me roots of relish sweet,
And honey wild, and manna dew,
And sure in language strange she said--
I love thee true.

She took me to her elfin grot,
And there she wept, and sigh'd full sore,
And there I shut her wild wild eyes
With kisses four.

And there she lulled me asleep,
And there I dream'd--Ah!  woe betide!
The latest dream I ever dream'd
On the cold hill's side.

I saw pale kings, and princes too,
Pale warriors, death pale were they all;
They cried--"La belle dame sans merci
Hath thee in thrall!"

I saw their starv'd lips in the gloam,
With horrid warning gaped wide,
And I awoke and found me here
On the cold hill's side.

And this is why I sojourn here,
Alone and palely loitering,
Though the sedge is wither'd from the lake,
And no birds sing.

30 Days of Blogging


Lyse said...

!!! I feel so honored!

7carrs said...

Bright Star?!?! I am jealous- still haven't seen it. Maybe Borders has it and I can get it on sale since they are closing stores here. Oh me and an entire book store on sale. Methinks the checking account may be in trouble :)