Saturday, February 5, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Day 6

Favorite superhero?  Undoubtedly Batman.  Some people might say that Batman is lame, because he doesn't have any super powers, but to me, that's what makes him so cool.  He takes initiative and fights crime on his own; it isn't some heavy duty that he feels obligated to do because he was blessed with freaky powers.  He sacrifices his own time, as well as unlimited resources and wealth to better his hometown--and he doesn't want anybody to know it's him doing all that.  Batman: fighting crime and poverty in Gotham.  Plus Christopher Nolan is a genius filmmaker AND I didn't just jump on the Dark Knight bandwagon, I loved Batman Begins from the very start.

Via Scifi Scoop

And I may or may not have a celebrity crush on Christian Bale.  (How can you not after watching Little Women??)

Bale as Laurie for good measure.  Via Fanpop!
30 Days of Blogging.

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