Thursday, February 3, 2011


Mubarak said in an interview with Christiane Amanpour today that he wants to step down, but if he did so today, there will be chaos.

How does he classify the violence that is currently occurring in the country?

Maybe considering that the violence was instigated by his own government thugs/the police force, it's "organized chaos."  At least with organized chaos he's got a chance of holding on to power.  Dictators get desperate when their time is at an end.  And while he's sweet-talking the West ("I never intended to run again.  I never intended for Gamal [his son] to be my successor"), those same thugs that are terrorizing his own people, are capturing and harming journalists and human rights advocates.  Probably because shutting down the internet and cell phone service in his country wasn't enough to get the rest of the world to turn a blind eye.  Now he's attempting to squash out every voice in Egypt except his own.

Great guy that Mubarak.  He's a real keeper.

Pray for Egypt.  They need it right now.

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Lyse said...

Agree!! The guy is practicing state-sponsored terrorism! He's killing his own people!

US needs to withdraw our money immediately.
Ps i love that you care about this as much as me.