Monday, February 21, 2011


Fun fact: I love the zoo!  If we're friends on facebook, you already knew that.  I really do though!  When I was growing up in San Diego, my whole family (cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles) had passes, and we would go all the time.  Some of my favorite memories are kickin' it at the zoo with the family.  Naturally, I've been wanting to go to the zoo basically since I figured out the LA zoo was only 20 minutes away.

My only complaint is that LA should seriously reconsider redoing the entrance to the parking lot--it took us like 30 minutes to get into the parking lot, and there were still plenty of spots.  There's only one entrance to the lot, and it's one lane.  P.S. That one lane road that leads to the zoo also has like four freeway exits emptying out into it.  YAY FOR LA CITY PLANNING!!!  Other than that, the day was perfect.

Me and my zebra friends.

Just havin' a good time.

Orangutans always want to be my friends.

King of the world!

Apparently, lions sleep 20 hours a day.  Ain't that the life?

This is an okapi.  I pointed it out to Dan and somebody asked if I was a zoologist because I knew what it was.

The giraffes were definitely the coolest exhibit.

Dan loves the zoo too!  (Secretly!)

Isn't he so cuddly looking??

I'm the hip-hopapotamus, my lyrics are bottomless.

You wouldn't want to run into this guy in a dark alley!

These aren't giant foxes, but they are maned wolves from Brazil!

Dan checkin' out the Elephants of Asia exhibit.  And its Jurassic Park fence.


robertandsharon said...

I have always loved going to the zoo, in whatever city...

7carrs said...

we do kinda dig the zoo! And was it your friends who wouldn't believe there was such a thing as an okapi or Hope's? They are like my fave! Oh what good memories! I think I need to plan a zoo trip this spring . . . I don't know if you remember the NC zoo- it is kinda like the Wild Animal Park. Very open. Glad you had a good time!