Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 1: Seaworld

You're about to be bombarded with pictures.  Fair warning.

[Photo cred: my mom.  For all Shamu photos.]

wittle baby shamu!

It isn't a trip to Seaworld without Shamu doing a flip or two!  Jack loved watching these guys; he kept applauding and gasping with delight.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of him because it was honestly the cutest thing I've ever seen, but he was sitting on my lap and that made things a little difficult.  This show was out of control crowded.  We had to sit on the steps.  Which was probably a fire hazard, but I laugh in the face of danger.

Too bad for Shamu, he got showed up by the dolphins at their show.  That might be because the trainers could actually get in the water with the dolphins without the fear of a large water dwelling mammal attacking them.  Also, it was just an all around better show.

The whole gang waiting for the show to start (minus my mom because she's taking the picture).

I am pretty proud of this one.

This lady had the greatest costume ever.

Coolest job ever?  Possibly.

The highlight of this show had to be when a condor flew overhead and nearly clipped my dad's head with its impressive wingspan!

Here are a few more shots of the fun from that day:

The cool lunch table.

This guy joined us for lunch.

We love the dolphins!

Checkin' out the sea lions/seals.
Photo cred: Mom

Mustache envy.

Bird-pattern baldness.
Can't decide if I like this pic or not.  Photo Cred: Mom

Now please prepare yourself for the coolest little aquarium hidden in a gift shop you'll ever see.
Isn't my grammie beautiful?  Photo cred:Mom

I want some for my house.

Manta rays beneath you...

And sharks up above you!
Aside from the animals, we had a great time riding some crazy roller coasters.  There was one where you were laying face down, suspended in the air (like a manta ray...).  It was out of control.  Spicer got so scared on it he had an asthma attack!  On the bright side, he wasn't scared to ride anything else the whole trip (except for one ride at Universal)!  My personal favorite however, was The Kraken!  If only because in the line my siblings and I couldn't stop crackin' jokes about the Kraken.  (See what I did there?)
Poor Jack was too little to ride most of the rides, but he managed to have a good time.  When we got off the water ride, we found Jack was just as soaked as the rest of us.

Jack did get to ride the carousel.  And I think that was enough for him.

P.S. The sunset was gorgeous.


Lisa said...

Fire hazard at Sea constructed your very own oxymoron, Sharon!

robertandsharon said...

Didn't we have fun? I miss you all even more now...but look forward to June when I get to see a couple of you again.

7carrs said...

too much fun! You did have some amazing shots at the dolphin show- I unfortunately was sitting behind a pole and a big guy. :)