Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 3: Disney

The Marra's just couldn't handle another second without us, so they drove down to Orlando to join us for this day!  And good thing they did too, because this was such a great trip to Disney.  Even Dan enjoyed it, but he thinks we stayed too late.  Every one in my family is a huge Disney buff.  We also like to get our money's worth out of it, so we stay as long as we can.  (Read: until every one is too cranky and tired to have any more fun and we all start yelling at each other).

Eagerly awaiting our Jungle Cruise! [Photo Cred: Mom]

Photo Cred: Mom

They've redone the line to the Haunted Mansion and have all these cool interactive things!
[Photo Cred: Mom]

Photo Cred: Mom

I think Disney remanis one of my favorite parks because it is so family friendly.  Jack loved being able to ride the rides with us after two days of having to sit them out.  He was so cute--he kept waving to Captain Jack and Buzz Lightyear and anyone else he recognized on the rides.  Disney is a great place to relive your childhood, as well as constantly be making new memories with your family.  I can't wait to have kids of my own to take and see the smiles and wonder light up their faces.  Sometimes Disney can still do the same to me.
In line for the teacups! [Photo Cred: Mom]

[Photo Cred: Mom]

Ti's gonna hurl! [Photo Cred: Mom]

Dad and Spicer (Jack's in there too somewhere...) [Photo Cred: Mom]
[Photo Cred: Mom]

Spicer's ready to get out.  [Photo Cred: Mom]
 Interesting fact: They're redoing Fantasyland and Toon Town at the Magic Kingdom.  Fantasyland is getting a second castle; this one will be their princess complex, complete with a Beauty and the Beast restaurant, Little Mermaid Ride, and I think another Snow White ride.  Plus, you'll get to meet all the princesses inside the castle!  Guess that means we have to go back in a few years when it's finished...right Danny? =]
Jack really enjoyed ice cream break time.

It's not a vacation without an awkward picture of Hope still managing to be gorgeous.

He's going to be a heartbreaker in a few years.

Grampie taking advantage of our break.

Two of the Marra Clan

Ignore my maniacal gaze and wardrobe malfunctions.  [Photo Cred: Mom]
Brooke jumps into our family picture!  [Thanks Becky for trying to snag one, it's virtually impossible!]

Jack loves DisneyWorld!

Mommy and Jack
In line for Dumbo!  Not sure why Jack and I are growling, but man do we look fierce.

Ready for take-off! [Photo Cred: Mom]

Photo Cred: Mom

It's 11 PM and Jack is still wired. [Photo Cred: Mom]

Photo Cred: Mom
Finally all tuckered out. [Photo Cred: Becky]
Love, love love!


7carrs said...

Disney is the best- I am glad you kids love it as much as me!

Autumn said...

This makes me wish we had a big family :)

Lisa said...

I luurrve your ellyfont earrings!!!
And that photo of Ti and about how he'll be a heartbreaker....he's totally going to have "the smolder" down!! Haha!