Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's hard being photogenic.

This one time in high school, a boy told me, "You're so photogenic."
I didn't take him seriously, because: A. He was saying this after viewing the photo on my school I.D.  B. He was jealous/a control-freak trying to woo me away from my boyfriend at the time.  C. He'd never seen my family try to take a picture. 

Now tell me I'm photogenic, Mr. Poopsmith.

Isn't my mom's dress fabulous?

Almost...Hopefully my mom got some good ones...

My sister is super good looking.

Wuv...twu wuv.
P.S. Here is a secret: I wore this dress three Sundays in a row because I was in a different ward each Sunday.  Special thanks to Ross for providing me with a last minute Easter dress at ten o'clock the night before!


Autumn said...

I started laughing because in the first photo you and your sister have really similar expressions, it's just your hair part and bangs are on the complete opposite side.

robertandsharon said...

LOL! So fun trying to get good family pictures. And woot-woot for Ross's dresses!

7carrs said...

and what fun we had shopping til the store closed!