Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother, I love you. Mother, I do!

My momma is awe-inspiring.  She is the ultimate home-maker.  I wish I had the talent that she has in her pinkie-finger when it comes to sewing, crafting, cooking, etc.  I guess  practice makes perfect?

My mother is a reader.  One of her favorite quotes is by Thomas Jefferson--"I can not live without books."  She instilled a love of reading in me at a young age, and you could say I followed in her footsteps when I went off to college, since we both graduated with a degree in English.  I'm so glad that my mom taught me to read at a young age and opened a gateway into something that has become one of the passions of my life.

My mom is a hard worker.  Whenever she does something, she gives it her all.  She knows that nothing in life gets accomplished with out some elbow grease.  Her plate of things-to-do is almost always overflowing with so many responsibilities, but somehow she manages to get it done, and get it done well.  Growing up, she was PTA President, my sister's girl scout troop leader, chauffeur extraordinaire, ultimate party planner, book club member, family chef, personal tutor, cheerleader, shoulder-to-cry-on, and had a full-time church calling.  Isn't she great?

Happy Mothers Day, to my mom(s)!

[Sorry, no pictures; I'm at work!]

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7carrs said...

awww . . . your so sweet! And I love you too!!