Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Award!

My cousin Autumn (of Stay Gold, Autumn) awarded me with the "tell me about yourself award."

Pretty straight foward: 
1. Say 7 facts about yourself.  2. Pass it on.

1.  I am 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant.  I get more and more nervous about being a mom everyday.  But also excited.
2.  I'm a writer, but out of practice.
3. I just moved into a new apartment.  I have so many ideas for it, but afraid that I don't have the skills, time, or energy to complete what I envision. 
4. I have two canker sores in my mouth right now and they are KILLING me.
5. I just chopped off all my hair.  It's all because my husband won't shave his beard.
6. I hope we raise our family in the South.  I just love it there.
7. This one time in high school, I tripped in the parking lot and fell on the hood of a car.  I set the alarm off, and then that alarm set off the alarm of the car parked next to it.  I ran away.  Except my whole gym class saw.

I give this award to:


robertandsharon said...

So how short is your hair? Did you do it to spite him? Post a picture so we can see how cute you are...

7carrs said...

had never heard the story about the car alarm- so "Grace", Charm School didn't work?
Sorry about the klutziness- I am afraid it is inherited :)

Lacey said...
They have awesome decorating ideas and tutorials. I can't wait to have my own apartment for that reason.