Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Shower Numero Uno

My wonderful mother-in-law threw a baby shower for me this weekend!  It was so beautiful and so much fun!  Carrie and the girls prepared a wonderful crepe brunch, complete with chicken and broccoli crepes, eggs florentine crepes, AND a dessert crepe bar.  I may have eaten like two of each kind, but it's for the baby, you know?  (Joking, I realize my baby doesn't need all that food.  Just look at how chubby my cheeks look in the following pictures and you'll see where all those extra calories are going.)  Regardless, it was delicious.  Aunt Tasha provided some fun games for us to play, Aunt Debbie made those awesome flower cookies as favors (and took most of the pictures in this post...), and so many ladies from Dave and Carrie's ward turned out to show their support.  We appreciate all everyone did and all the love we felt!
The Crepe Bar!
The eggs florentine crepes, pre-cheese sauce deliciouness

Diaper cake made by Carrie and Melanie.

Another angle

Beautiful bouquet Sister Kimball brought!

Opening all the gifts!

All the Vaccarello ladies! (Dan's Mom's side of the family.)

Aren't these amazing!  Debbie is basically a cookie genius.
Now that I have all this baby stuff it's kind of setting in on me that this is actually happening.  Exciting but scary.  Less than a month to go.  Seriously.

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robertandsharon said...

Do you even realize how loved you are? Such a beautiful baby shower and sooooo many gifts. This baby is going to be as spoiled as you are! LOL But we just can't help loving you....