Sunday, May 6, 2012

London's Blessing

I apologize for the absence.  Aside from the fact that I'm still trying to get into a schedule with my brand new baby, my computer died and had to go to the Best Buy computer hospital for a week or so.  But it's back, baby, and so am I.  Hopefully I'll be blogging a little more regularly again now that I'm getting the hang of this whole "mom" thing.

This morning was London's baby blessing at church.  It was wonderful to sit there and feel all the love for this little girl.  We were lucky to have lots of family in town to share this moment with us.  We had a luncheon for everyone after church at a park near our home.  My mom was awesome and helped my party dreams become reality in this luncheon.  She was a great help and stayed up incredibly late with me last night in the kitchen making a delectable springtime spread!  And it all turned out amazingly.  We're basically professionals.

Raspberry Lemonade cupcakes.

Setting up the table.


Chicken Salad Croissants
Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cupcakes


Ham and Cheese sliders.  These were pretty popular.

London was very popular among the extended family that hadn't had a chance to see her yet.  She was a good sport and didn't even mind being passed around from family member to family member.
With her Great-Grandpa Snow

With her 2nd cousin, Trevor.

I love moments like this: good food, great company, lazy afternoons.  It was definitely a joie de vivre sort of day today.   Families are so wonderful, and I'm so grateful for mine. 
Natasha (cousin), me, and Grandma Snow

With my parents and my aunt and her family.

Trevor, Natasha, Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Robert, and my daddy.

London and Daddy

Getting ready for a family picture.

She was kind of hungry...

I love these peeps.
P.S. After looking at these pictures, I realized I am in major need of a hair cut.  Suggestions anyone?  I've been lacking inspiration lately.


robertandsharon said...

Iloved all the pictures...wish I could have been there, too. It looked like so much fun. London's dress is beautiful and so were you...Dan looked good, too! The food looked incredible - you and your Mom ARE professionals!

Renee (and Eric) said...

Love it! Glad you had a weekend full of blessings and sunshine. It all looked lovely and London is adorable.