Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lesson learned.

Yesterday had some low moments. 

I was semi-arguing with Danny about where we are going to live when we finally get to settle down after dental school and then the army.  Dan wants to stay in California, I feel like life will be over if we don't end up somewhere in the South, preferably on the coast.  Even though for us to end up in the South, Dan would have to take ANOTHER board exam because the one he's taking only certifies him to practice in the western U.S.  (Seriously?? Why isn't there ONE national exam?  So lame.) 

It's really kind of silly that I was getting so worked up about it, because honestly, we don't need to decide this for like seven years.  But home is such an important thing in my life, and I realized I've become almost obsessed with this fantasy-future life I have pictured in my head. 

But the thing is, you can't plan for every little detail in your future.  It's one thing to have goals, but they need to fit my reality.  And the reality is that my life won't be over just because I'm living in a state I didn't picture myself in (unless that state is offense if you love Texas, it's just not my cup of tea).  As someone who moved around a lot growing up, you think I would remember that where you live doesn't determine your happiness, your attitude does.  And my attitude was far from where it needed to be yesterday.  So, I guess I wouldn't die if I lived in Texas, or if we stayed in California.  What really matters is that wherever I go, I remember home is the place where I can carve out a special space for me and mine.  As long as I'm laughing with these two cuties (and any future cuties we decide to add), it doesn't matter where we are, just that we are all there together.  I know that's kind of cheesy, but just because it's cheesy doesn't mean it's not true. 

So, I'm sorry for my attitude yesterday, it was far from joie de vivre.  Life is to be enjoyed, not suffered through, and yesterday reminded me of that. 

By the way, Dan, this isn't a surrender; Florida and North Carolina are still on the top of my list, so just take that into consideration when planning your fantasy-future life. =)


Lauren said...

Life is what happens while you're planning something else.

Love Dad

7carrs said...

Just enjoy life as it comes- who knows maybe where ever the army sends you will be where you settle. And who knows you may love it. I never would have thought I would love Florida as much as I do, but there you go.
I guess I could take the advice to find joy where I live too.

Lauren said...

Haha Dad, how are you signed in on my account? That made me do a double take!

Autumn said...

I've so been there before. We first were applying to Arizona for jobs and we had many conversations like that. We had no idea we wouldn't actually end up in Arizona and we would end up somewhere completely un-thought of before and 6 hours + from our closest family members. I totally agree with the quote your Dad put up.

your great attitude always impresses me!

robertandsharon said...

Home is where your heart is and your heart will be with Dan and London and those who join your family. Living away from family can be hard, but it is doable and you can be happy anywhere...I never thought I would live in Utah, but I love it here...