Wednesday, June 20, 2012

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.

I think horses are some of the most beautiful creatures on this good earth.  So I was begging my parents to take us to the Outer Banks while London and I visited.  North Carolina has barrier islands running along almost the entire coast.  They're beautiful and have a fascinating history (Blackbeard met his end here and the lost colony of Roanoke was found here!), but my favorite thing about them is the wild horses that call some of the islands home.

 The ponies have been on the islands for centuries, and are probably descended from horses that escaped Spanish shipwrecks or horses that were abandoned by failed colonies.  Nobody knows really, but here they remain.  Seeking them out on Shackleford Banks was quite the adventure!

On the ferry! London liked it...except for the wind and water.  So we pretty much kept her covered in a towel the whole time.

Mimi on the beach with London.
We're so excited!
Ti didn't quite finish rubbing in his sunscreen...
Deep in thought.
On a dune searching for the ponies!

We found one!

This pony is wise to the ombre hair trend.

Please note how I look like I'm pregnant again due to the massive amounts of fried seafood I had just consumed.  Mmm Southern cookin'!
We found more!

This guy was the stallion in the herd...don't ask how we discovered that.

Papa and London get up close and personal with a pony.

Shells on the seashore.

Piece of a telephone pole washed up after a hurricane.

We even saw dolphins on the way home.
Such a beautiful day!  I wish we could go back and live it all over again!


Lisa said...

You and your whole family are so hot. What the heck. And I LOVE all of those horse pictures! Nice job Lauren!

Brady and Jamie Sefcik said...

WOW.. How pretty!!! Horses ARE so gorgeous.

7carrs said...

oh Lisa- you are now an official member of the family! :)
That was fun- next time we need to go searching for the ponies on another island!