Monday, July 30, 2012

I don't wanna go to Din-ee-land!

So, my family has this home video.  They love it.  They love to pull it out and watch it, giggling with madness.  They love to quote it to me all the time.  Even siblings who weren't alive when this event occurred think it's the greatest.  You want to know why?  Because a classic Lauren-ism occurs in it.

I'll set the scene for you.  There I am, about three or four years old, in the bathtub at my Grammie's house.  My mom is sweet talking me as she helps rinse off all the suds.  I'm pouting, lip sticking out to full extent, murmuring under my breath.  My mom pulls me out and as she's drying me off, I exclaim, "But I don't wanna go to Din-ee-land!!"  The tape blanks out there, and then the next thing we see is me up on my Dad's shoulders, eyes wide with wonder as my little self takes in all the magic that is Disneyland.  Let's just say it's been true love ever since.  Even if I have to endure a chorus of "I don't wanna go to Din-ee-land" every time I go with my family. 

My family got to go together before the family reunion in San Diego.  It. Was. Awesome.  Is that even necessary to say?  Of course it was awesome!  It was also London's first time ever!  Hurray! 



I already can't wait for next time!!!


7carrs said...

Oh a classic Laurenism!

Autumn said...

Spicer is kind of a baby hog and it's really cute.