Monday, August 6, 2012

100 years.

Dan's great-grandma Ann celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday.  She is such an incredible lady!  She was running all over to meet and greet everyone who had come to her party.  And there were so many people there!  It was inspiring to see the many people whose lives Ann had touched. 

[Stole this from Aunt Debbie's facebook!  The Vacarello side of the family.]
Not many people can say they met their great-great-grandmother!  London loves snuggling with Grandma-Ann.  In fact, she was so comfortable, she fell asleep on her lap during all the pictures. 

100 years apart!
Love this great, big, Italian family I married into.

Happy Birthday, Ann!  And many more!


Autumn said...

So, this is the grandma you were talking about? She sure is cute. It makes me giggle how your red hair stands out in this picture.

Lauren said...

That happens when you're the only non-Italian in the photo...=) And yes, this is her! She's great!

Lisa said...

Wow! That is incredible! "100 years apart." So crazy. What a cool lady. And London is adorable as always. Her cheeks are getting chubby :]