Friday, September 14, 2012

Flashback Friday: Honeypot Notes Edition

Before I got married, I lived in building 4 of an apartment complex called The Glenwood.  We like to call it the Glen-Hood, because it was pretty ghetto inside those apartments. But I digress.  My point is, our building all went to church together (except for the basement floor, they went with another basement floor.  You can't trust the basement dwellers, we had to shun them off on their own.)  Anyways, because we all went to church together, we all attended ward prayer together, every Sunday evening.  After we actually did the singing and praying and spiritual part of the night, it was social hour.  Amidst the socializing, you had the option to leave Honeypot Notes (I think that's what we called them, I could be mistaken, but honey was definitely in the description).  Basically, you took a tiny slip of paper, wrote your message to whomever you wanted, folded it in half, and wrote their name and apartment number on the outside, then flung it in a basket to be delivered. 

Some of these were so awesome, I just had to save them.  Here are some of the first we ever received.  They were all from the same two boys, to our whole apartment.  Kind of random and weird, but so was our friendship with them.

The bottom left one actually does have an explanation--we had a sign hanging in our kitchen that said "I kiss better than I cook."  It was popular among our male callers...

Sometimes we got nice ones.

Sometimes they were just from each other.

 For the record, that first one is NOT from Dan.  It's from my roomie, Katherine.  Long story.  Kind of embarrassing.  So, for now, I'm not sharing haha.  The second is from my roommate Lacey.  We show our affection through arguing (it helps release steam, or something like that.)  When she calls me names, it means she loves me.

As time wore on and the school year progressed, friendships developed and grew closer.  One of my best friends that year was Greg.  He was British, sarcastic, and slightly anti-social, so obviously we made a pretty great pair.  We even dated for a bit...but then I met Dan and the rest is history.  Sorry, Greg, but at least I saved these awesome Honeypot Notes to memorialize our ill-fated friendship!  (Note: We're actually fine, no hard feelings, he left to serve a mission and now he's home and engaged and we've made nice since then.  Hurray, because Greg is great!)

We used to joke that whoever got the most honeypot notes was the most it kind of became a competition in both our apartments.
I do hope you recognize his rendition of a beloved Pixar film character--we had a girl in our building who resembled her in both looks and personality.  (The planning meetings he's referring to were for a committee we were both on to plan activities/parties for our building.  We're pretty sure the only reason we were assigned to the committee was so that we would actually go to the events haha.)

So long memory lane, until next week.  (Sorry if this bores everyone else, but I love reliving my youth.)

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Autumn said...

I kept all of my notes too! I pull them out and laugh/read them when I am having a bad day.

However, I feel really old because I am totally spacing it on what we actually called them...because I can't remember.

I love the one with the Monsters Inc lady....totally read it aloud in her voice when I saw it.