Friday, October 12, 2012

Flashback Friday: Family Photos Edition

I decided that this year would be our first year to send out a family Christmas card.  I already bought the cards.  Confession: I bought them over a year ago.  There was this great stationary company going out of business so they had some bargain prices and I got the greatest cards ever for a steal! 

But I have a problem.  As everyone knows, the best part of a Christmas card is the family photo.  We don't really have any good ones.  I mean, there's a few that are alright, but none are Christmas card material.  While I debate whether to just use a candid shot or to have someone take some nice, fancy ones for us, here are a few of my favorite family photos from growing up.  (Please be kind and don't judge my pre-pubescent, awkward, chubby self.  We all had an awkward stage, right??)

Doesn't Baby Hope look just like Baby London???

Matchy Matchy

This picture is fantastic on so many levels...

My hair isn't actually slicked back, it's just in a clip.  Awkwardness.



Baby Jack!
None of these are "perfect", but they are still oh-so-wonderful to me--even the one where it looks like I have slicked back hair like a greasy gambling type.  I love the people in these pictures and the memories they contain, and I suppose that's what counts.  But I would still like to look nice in our Christmas card picture.


robertandsharon said...

I just received my picture disc from the photographer who took our pics at the FRiSD. Your Mom probably received hers too or else Cheryl is taking it to her when she flies out this week. Anyhoo, you have some lovely shots for your family pic on the disc. That might be an idea....just saying...

7carrs said...

we got it this week- so you can download when you come next month!