Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nerd Out

 I'm a closet Star Wars fan.  I'm not out of control, but it'd be a lie to tell you that I wasn't in love with Han Solo (and Indiana Jones, who I felt were almost one and the same) from a very young age.  I've had deep, long discussions with my father, drawing parallels between the Force and our faith.  In my book, Han shoots first.  Yoda is up there with Dumbledore in nuggets of wisdom from my youth.  My life is rife with Star Wars references.  I LOVE IT.  And I know I am not alone in my love for it.

So, the news that Disney has bought Lucasfilms and announced EPISODE VII is giving me mixed emotions.  This could either be brilliant, or a total catastrophe.  I have been bouncing back and forth about this all day.  This could refresh the franchise.  It couldn't be any worse that what good ol' Georgie has done to it in recent history. I'm so nervous and am wringing my hands over something that hasn't even happened yet, and won't happen for years to come.

All I know is Star Wars just isn't the same without my first love, Han.  I will maintain that is one of the reasons I disliked Episodes I-III so much.  There weren't any characters that even compared to him!  But I don't think having him return in Episode VII is a possibility.  (At least it better not be--I'm sorry, but Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones again about ruined all good childhood memories, please don't desecrate my memory of Han as well!  On the same note, who else could play Han but Harrison??)  I'm sure all this fretting is for nothing.  I will probably end up loving it--Disney has really been surprising me lately.

Are there any other fellow nerds out there having super freak-outs about this that want to discuss?  I'm dying.

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Autumn said...

I'm excited about the movie, but I wouldn't say I am a very legit fan. I liked the new movies better than the old ones (don't hate me).

However, I also think Disney hasn't produced anything outside of Pixar in years. I miss the old Disney classics and I haven't been super impressed in a while.