Monday, November 12, 2012

Well, here we are in North Cackalacka...

That's lingo for North Carolina, in case you were wondering.  I honestly don't know if that's just what my dad calls it, or if it's a real thing that all the locals say.  London and I took the red-eye on Friday night, and got here Saturday morning.  That was seriously the longest trip of my life.  Literally (we were on the go for over 12 hours), and figuratively (I slept for maybe two of those hours).  London was actually an angel baby, and slept almost the entire time we were in the air.  She was, however, WIDE AWAKE during our layover in New York though.  Our lovely five-hour layover from 4:30am to 9:20am. Please remember that felt like 1:30am to me.  I could do some serious ranting about what an awful experience that was and how I will never take a red-eye ever again, but I'll just focus on the good stuff.  Like how helpful everyone was at the Burbank Airport (even the TSA people!!), and how nice the old Yankee ladies at the JFK airport were.  Please read the following in your best New York accent: "Oh my, she is just gaw-jus! Look at that little bow in her hair!"  When I told this fine lady she was all dressed up to see her grandma, she said, "Oh, well you gotta dress up to see Grams!" I don't know why that was so funny to me at the time, maybe the lack of sleep combined with the accent that made me feel like I was conversing with the Nanny?  It's one of my new favorite things to say though, accent and all.

Here is London all dressed up to see Grams!  This was her five minute power nap she took during the layover...
Even though I feel like I've been struggling to catch up on my sleep the past couple of days, we've still had a lot of fun.  We saw Uncle Spicer in his school play--well, London didn't, but I did!  It was super funny.  He was two characters, one of whom was an old, cranky, Southern woman.  Hysterical!  I really wish I had a video of it; Spicer is an incredible actor and I have high hopes for his big dreams.  Instead of a video, here's a poor quality picture of the curtain call I stole off facebook.

He's the lady with man shoulders and five o'clock shadow in the floral dress.
My parents are loving this chance to dote upon their one and only grandchild...and of course she loving all the attention!  Here she is snuggling with her Papa.

We also got to visit with my dad's family Sunday night, but I didn't get any pictures.  Boo.  You'll just have to take my word for it that she was a big hit (and very well-behaved the whole evening!).  She spent most of the evening being passed around from relative to relative, smiling up at everyone.

Sorry this post has been a lot of me playing catch-up; I've been using all my spare moments to make up for all that lost sleep!  I've got to take advantage of these baby sitters and nap while I can!!  I have some great pictures we took at the park today, but those are awesome enough to be their own post, so I'll just leave you with this adorable picture of Uncle Jack and London.  It just might melt your heart.

Night Y'all!


Brady and Jamie Sefcik said...

Aw! She does look gaw-jus! :)

Lisa said...

She really is so gorgeous!! Her eye lashes kill me! She's a beauty.

Autumn said...

Sometimes I feel I lack ingenuity when commenting on your posts because it tends to be a variation of "London is so pretty." So, here goes again. London is so pretty and her eyelashes are SO long.

I'm glad the Queens ladies could make a bad red-eye better.