Monday, February 11, 2013

The List of Excuses

Despite what you may think, I am not actually running for the title of Worst Blogger in the World.  There's a combination of circumstances conspiring against me, which prevent me from posting as often as I normally do.

1. I just can't seem to shake this funk I've been in since the holidays.  I haven't really settled into a good schedule yet, and that is majorly throwing me off.

2. London is the world's biggest busy body.  Gone are the days when I could walk away and leave her to her own devices.  Because now her own devices consist of getting into anything and everything she isn't supposed to. 

3. I've been tackling my 24 things list, and that has pretty much consumed my spare time.  Priorities... I'm hoping to do an update on my progress on March 6 (my half-birthday).

4. I am kind of over social media.  I'm not saying I'm never going to blog again (actually I'm hopefully going to be much better about it this month...), but I just don't feel the need to share every waking moment of my life.  I know that's pretty much heresy for my generation, but if I can't be honest in my own blog, where can I be?? (I'm aware of the irony in posting this on my blog, but there ya go.  I'm a box of walking contradictions.)

Now that I'm done with the List of Excuses, onto what you came here for:

This is what I meant in the above paragraph regarding London's mischief-making skills.  I stepped away for LITERALLY two minutes, and accidentally left the door to our hall closet open (that's where we stash soda when we happen to have it.)  This gave her enough time to push and pull the carton all the way to the end of the hall, and pull out a soda.  Please note that she's not actually drinking the soda.  She may be strong enough to move that carton, but she doesn't have the hand-eye coordination to open the can.  Thank goodness, or I would also have a nice, ORANGE stain all over the carpet.  And then it would have been time to call in the clean-up crew, instead of the family photographer (I currently fill both these positions in our household.)  If you want to see more of London's handiwork, feel free to drop by our place unexpectedly at anytime before bedtime.

I have been promising Dan that I would make him breakfast Sunday morning for probably a month.  The only problem with this is I would either forget or get too busy or sleep in and it just wouldn't happen.  Well, I got up early one fine Sunday morning and was all set to make waffles...and then I realized it was Fast Sunday.  I feel like this happens to me regularly.  I'm pretty sure it's a test of my willpower--my mouth is watering in anticipation of waffles, and then I don't eat for hours.  I guess I do have enough willpower to forgo waffles in the morning...but we did have them for dinner as soon as we got home from church.  They tasted as good as they looked.  But apparently that didn't count, because it wasn't actually at breakfast time.  So I still owe Dan breakfast.

Also, I finally pulled the trigger on an addition to our home that has been in the works for quite sometime.  If you've ever come to visit us, you've been met by this unsightly blemish:

This is a box with a piece of fabric draped over it.  Because Dan is cheap frugal, and I am picky, we couldn't find a table to go here, so this was my makeshift table.  Honestly, it was working ok, except for we would trip on the fabric all the time, and the box was starting to collapse on itself from the weight of that mirror, and London can now reach everything on the box and was constantly ripping the fabric off...and oh yeah, it's super ugly!!  I had a serious hate for this box, but it was all I had!  When my mom was here for London's blessing last May, we were out shopping and came across this beautiful table that was absolutely perfect in every way, except for this huge, horrid dent in the front!  So we had to hold off.

Well, Marshall's never ceases to fail me, because I was just there the other day, and low and behold THE EXACT SAME TABLE WAS THERE!! It was dent-free!! And it was within our budget!  I needed it, as the box had just about drawn its last breath.  So I now proudly present our new entry table (drumroll, please!):

Doesn't that just make your heart happy?!
 See, dreams do come true!!  In other news, London is thinking about trying out for America's Next Top Model, since she's got that whole posing for the camera thing down.

She's a keeper.

And that's life.  Hopefully next post won't have to be a super-long, super-random catch-up post.


SupaFlowaPowa said...

i feel ya girl. that's actually why i stopped fb-ing, i mean i still go on but i barely leave status updates (only if I need something haha) and I really just use a few social media outlets - I use Twitter to say whatever I dang feel cuz I have friends and randoms following me, but not a TON of friends, I use blog for whatever I dang feel (and have a blog with a personal journal for those sensitive feelings I can't share with ANYONE but my husband for fear of being a bad person - though I am sincerely working on having more charity and being nicer), and then I have instagram where I am trying not to add anymore people but it's kinda insane when you just wanna see someone's photos too. ugh, our generation sucks sometimes - but there are great things about blogging too - like looking back and sharing your life with online friends like moi! hahaha have missed you! come back!

love the entry table and marhsalls for that matter! and hey - a coke can never hurt Jordan and at almost 2, he still can't figure out how to open it! hahaha. he gets a great kick out of pretending to drink it.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I think I need to hire you to make waffles :)

I agree with Daisy - our generation is stinky sometimes with the dozens of various social media outlets. It's hard to keep up with it all!

Lisa said...

I love reading your posts Lauren, I can totally hear your voice reading the whole thing every time. I can hear all of your inflections, whether it's the outrageous "Tarquin A Morkel" style or the you're-kidding-me "excuse me!? A BABY WORM! They're trying to poison me!" style. Anyways, I do love that table and that baby. And, most importantly, you.

Autumn said...

After taking a break from social media, I am actually surprised at the issues I have with it. It isn't so much about time actually, but I was getting annoyed with the cusswords and pictures Pinterest and Twitter would bring into our home. I wouldn't watch that on a movie and yet even though I don't follow these people, they still pop up. I am getting really annoyed with how casual cussing has become.

I can't think about your 24 list without thinking about your joke about getting pregnant on 22.