Sunday, May 5, 2013

April in Review

Since I have been a major slacker, here is a Reader's Digest Version of last month:

General Conference!  London especially enjoyed the hymns.

Cruise to the Bahamas!
Dan and I took our first grown-up vacation that we planned and paid for ourselves.  We went with couple friends and it was so fun!  But I was definitely ready to get back to my baby by the end of the week. =)


My parents celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a trip to San Diego! We got to visit with them twice! Once when they came to church with us, and again at Disneyland!  Thanks Mimi and Papa!  Can't wait to see how much your love grows in the NEXT 25 years. =)

The Lovebirds!

Here's to May being every bit as fun as April, and then some.  And to no more barfing!


Lisa said...

I love your long flowy Bahamas dress! And that trash can drum pic is all the colors!

Lisa said...

Sharon! I will comment back on your blog because I never know if I "reply" to a comment on my blog if the original writer actually sees it. So.

1. Clingy boyfriend blog. Perfect. I hope Dan doesn't mind if I start saying things like, "Excuse me, husband, I need to go tend to my clingy boyfriend."

2. Come visit!!!! It would be so fun! Seriously.

4. I totally agree about the pinterest thing. I think like a million steps are left out of a lot of things. Especially recipes. Especially-especially when on the original recipe site, everyone is oo-ing and ah-ing and gushing about how delicious it was, and then when I make it, it tastes like tofu.

6. Obviously. (In response to the Jamba Juice friends of destiny comment)

7. First night as babooshkas searching for Dmitri----I can't remember the Dmitri part!!! Re-enlighten me! (Shame :[ )

10. I totally don't care that it's the world's longest comment!! I loved everything you had to say! Because I miss you quite a lot!!!

PS You are the first person to validate me regarding the camel thing. THANK YOU. I am not crazy.