Thursday, August 29, 2013

Crooked Streets and Good Eats

Hooooly Cow!  We are already missing the cool San Francisco weather in this house!  Our AC has been broken for the past two weeks.  Our managers were out of town, and then we were out of town, so yesterday was the earliest we could have somebody come to look at it.  The repair guy told me that our unit on the ceiling is busted, so they’re going to have to replace it, which will take another few days.  I think my jaw literally dropped when he said that to me.  I wanted to scream, “Look at me!! I’m 7 months pregnant!! Look at my child!! She has sweat pouring down her forehead and it’s not even noon!!!  Do you know how hot it gets in here??? IT HAS BEEN 87 DEGREES EVERY AFTERNOON ACCORDING TO THAT THERMOSTAT!”  Fortunately for all parties involved, I kept my cool (hah!), and the repairman escaped from that encounter unscathed.  So London and I spent most of yesterday afternoon shopping and running errands—mostly to take advantage of those blessed places that do have air conditioning.  

If we were still in San Francisco, we could just go play outside—and we’d probably need to wear jackets!  In my dreams, friends, in my dreams.  Fall is on its way right?  These 90+ days are almost over, and then my baby will be born and I can wear all my favorite fall clothes and not be a human space heater and life will be so lovely.  Until then, I’ll just reminisce about San Francisco weather.  Oh, and the food.  You guys, the food was so good!!  

We kicked off our first full day with a drive down Lombard St.  They tout it as “the crookedest street in the world!”  But I think I read that it’s not even the most crooked street in San Francisco, it’s just the most famous and the prettiest—the crooked part is all landscaped with hydrangeas and lots of other pretty flowers and bushes.  We drove down and then parked and got some more pictures.  Then it was back in the car for….

Fisherman’s Wharf!  Honestly, this is what I most excited to see, and it was pretty cool—we went down Pier 39 and checked out the shops and got some lunch.  We went to go see the sea lions, but there weren’t any there that day.  Or maybe we were looking in the wrong spot??  But we did get some awesome views of Alcatraz! (We blew it on the tour, someone had told us they were sold out for months, but then we found out we could have gotten tickets even a couple of days before we came.  Oh well, I don’t know how well London would have done on the ferry anyways…) We made sure to try some sourdough bread for lunch—London looooved it.  She ate the top of my bread bowl and then kept sneaking bites of her dad’s sandwich.  

After we finished at Pier 39 we headed up to Ghirardelli Square.  Um, awesome.  An entire area dedicated to chocolate, free samples included with every door you walk through.  Yes, please.  We made sure to get a sundae, which we devoured before I could even take a picture of it…I took a pic of what it did look like from the menu.  And honestly, it really did look like that!  After we finished inhaling our sundae, Dan looked at me and said, “You know, that was good, but I think I like Twohey’s better.” (Twohey’s is a local diner joint that also has aaaamaaaazing sundaes.)  Dan’s kind of a homebody, but those Twohey’s sundaes are pretty good.  Maybe that is what London and I will do to beat the heat today…

We headed home after that because our parking meter was up and London was falling asleep.  We wanted to make sure she took a good nap because we were going to a Giants game that night.  The nap didn’t really pan out, but she still was a good sport at the game.  You know how they have hot dog guys and popcorn guys at most baseball games, wandering around through the seats selling their respective wares?  Well, they had those, but they also had A GHIRARDELLI HOT CHOCOLATE GUY!!  He carried it around in a backpack and had a little canister of whipped cream to top you off.  Most awesome thing ever.   AT&T Park was sooo cool—but the Giants got hammered.  They were tied and then in one inning fell behind 7 runs.  We ended up leaving early, because London was starting to lose it and it was getting painful to watch.  My only regret is I didn’t try the Ghirardelli hot chocolate.

Hope everyone else is staying cool, wherever you may be!  I’m so taking my kiddo for a sundae once she wakes up from her nap.  Or maybe a jamba juice.

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Autumn said...

You are the prettiest pregnant person! That picture of you in the polka dot pants is a keeper to show your kids what a babe you are.

I don't know how you went two weeks without air, while pregnant and with a toddler, without killing something. You are a better person than I am. Glad you had a vacation somewhere cool and loaded up on the sweet stuff in the mean time!