Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's Dinnertime!!!

I'm hitting that stage of pregnancy where it seems like I can't shovel the food in fast enough.  Tonight, we got home from visiting Dan's parents, where I can promise you we were very well fed.  Yet somehow, I still managed to down more oreos than I want to admit and then moved on to string cheese and pepperoni.  Food is seriously consuming my life (more so than it already does), and it's honestly a little scary.  Please don't get between me and a grilled cheese sandwich.  It could get ugly!!

We call this one, London Broil.

The nice thing about this (which I tell myself to distract from how many calories I am consuming), is that at least I'm not barfing anymore, right?? Food actually sounds good again.  Which in turn means I can cook again--and everyone is happy about that (especially Danny). 

One of our favorite meals around here is Pesto and Cheese Stuffed Shells.  This is one of the first recipes I ever pinned on Pinterest, and it has been love since first bite.  The best part is that I can sneak spinach into the filling.  It's hard to taste Pop-eye's favorite veggie in between all the pasta and ricotta goodness.  Disclaimer: By no means am I trying to sell this to you as a miracle meal that will help you shed pounds (remember, it's ricotta cheese.  That's a food that's never been too kind to anyone's waist-line).  But when I get Dan to eat spinach without realizing it, I count it as a victory.  And I'm sure you could mess around with the spinach to ricotta ratio and make it healthier than what it currently is.

Yummy spinach and strawberry salad we had to go with it.
Stuffed shells are actually surprisingly easy and quick to make.  They're also not all that expensive, especially if you wait for some of the ingredients to go on sale.  And...they're really heavenly and one of those ultimate comfort foods that you can drown your pregnant sorrows in.  That's a winner for me right now.

Stuffed shells are also London-approved!!

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