Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So long, sweet summer

Did you know that my very favorite season of them all starts on Sunday?!  It probably won't start feeling like fall around here for another month or so, but I can officially start baking with pumpkin on Sunday.  ...And I can start getting pumped for Dan's birthday, and Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas shopping...and oh yeah, somewhere in there I'm going to have a baby.  So that should make Fall of 2013 extra awesome.  Plus I will get to see my whole, entire family for Thanksgiving for the first time since I lived at home.  (That would be Thanksgiving of 2006!!)  Fall is the greatest!! 

As much as I love fall, I am kind of sad this year to say goodbye to summer. We really enjoyed Dan's summer break this year (his last summer break ever!! This time next year he'll be a real, actual, BONA FIDE dentist!)  Goodbye summer break, we miss you already.

Hanging out with Rashelle and Reagan!  Sharons for lyfe!!

Nutella cupcakes.  They were meh.  But they look so pretty.  Recipe found here.

Bonding with Daddy.

Trying to keep up with this kid wears me out somedays.

Frosting is the best part of birthday parties.  Don't you know??

It's time for Dodger Baseball!  London is already a fan.

I'm just jealous of Ken's photo-bombing skillz. 
P.S. Another sign that fall is approaching?  There were pomegranates at the grocery store this week! Life is wonderful!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Looks like a fun summer! I wish it was still warm here, ha. Enjoy that California sunshine while you can!

Kathryn said...

Summer is my favourite season, but I love autumn too. Looks like you had an amazing summer. It's no wonder you're sad to see it go, but there's so much to look forward to over the next few months :)