Monday, October 7, 2013

My little miss

 I know I'm biased, but I really don't think it gets much cuter than this.  I love this little girl with all my heart.  I'm in love with her little personality that is coming out more and more now that she is learning how to talk.  Even though she can be stubborn and strong-willed, and some days it seems like half of the day was spent in time-out, she makes me laugh more often than not.

A few of London's favorite things:

The Little Mermaid.  We are a little obsessed at our house--we don't even own the actual Little Mermaid, but we watch Ariel's Beginning almost every morning.  And I don't know many 18 month olds whose vocabulary includes "mermaid," but my daughter's does.  Sometimes it's the first thing she says when she wakes up!

Playing outside.  Sooo much energy, you wouldn't believe.  If only we had a yard...I guess the park will have to suffice for now!

Doggies.  She has no fear and will walk up to any dog, no matter the size.  She won't always pet them, but she loves to look at them.  We were at the park the other day and she was making friends with a HUGE labrador.  The dog panted right in her face and London did it right back.  It was super funny.  And the first thing she wants to do whenever we go to Grandma's house is go outside and play with the dog.

Shoes, jewelry, bows, and dressing up.  I'm going to have one of those kids that insists on dressing themselves.  And it will always be in the girliest things.  The other day she INSISTED on wearing the fluffiest tutu she owned, instead of the shorts I'd picked out for her.  She also is constantly stealing any shoes she can find and wearing them around the house.   And every day after getting dressed she looks at me and says, "Bow???" Which is London-speak for, "Please do my hair NOW."

Babies.  This makes me happy, since we're going to have a brand new baby of our own in a couple of weeks here.  London loves taking care of her little baby doll--she's always putting it in the baby swing, singing her songs, or wrapping her up in a blankie to put her down for a nap.  It is so sweet, and gives me hope that she will be the best big sister.

Pictures.  London loves to look at photo albums and point out every one she knows. A few of her favorites are Mama and Dada, but she also loves to see KACK! (Uncle Jack), Papa (her word for both her grandpas), mama (that works for me or Grandma Carrie), Bubba (Uncle Spicer), and Mimi.  She recognizes her other aunts and uncles and will point to them when you ask where they are, but we're still working on the names.  She'll also point to her Grammie when you ask.  So hopefully next month when we have THE WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY ON BOTH SIDES in town she'll be able to at least know who everyone is and not feel completely overwhelmed.

 P.S. Less than 20 days till we're a family of four!!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

She is so adorable. I still think she and Jane are twins. Especially the hair! I wish Jane wanted her hair did.

Love the BYU outfit!

20 days?!?! That's so soon! Can't wait to "meet" your new baby!

robertandsharon said...

She is growing up so fast and is absolutely adorable - this, of course, is coming from one entirely prejudiced! Oh, I am so glad that she can recognize my picture - The Grammie Girl

7carrs said...

"Kack" will love to know she knows him by name! Remember he said she is the "sweetest baby, just like a lemon". Can't wait to spend a week with you all!

Lisa said...

I can't believe that she's already talking!! I guess it's the right age but it's so crazy!! And even more crazy that she'll be a big sister soon :) so excited for you!

Autumn said...

I think it is so adorable that she asks for you put a bow into her hair!

Mermaid is a REALLY hard word. Smart cookie.