Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Road Trippin' Day 3: The Shrine of Texas Liberty


This was one of our longest driving days--we drove through almost the entire state of Texas, which is no small feat.  From Fort Stockton to Houston, with one stop in San Antonio to check out the Alamo.  This was one of the most beautiful parts of our entire drive.  If you haven't taken a trip down to the Texas hill country, do yourself a favor and get there before you die--especially this time of year.  There were wildflowers EVERYWHERE, just growing right along the freeway.  So many colors, reds, blues, oranges, purples, yellows.  It was incredible.  Rolling hills with little trees as far as the eye could see.  I wish I had gotten pictures, but driving by at 80 miles an hour doesn't really facilitate picture-taking.

Dan and Carrie both said to me later that Texas did not look how they expected.  They thought it would look more like Arizona, but surprise, it's actually gorgeous!  That is one of my favorite parts of driving across the country--watching the landscape change.  It's so amazing to me how much variety there is in the great US of A, and we only saw 8 states out of 50! 

London and I taking an applesauce break while Dad and Grandma checked out more of the Alamo.

San Antonio was conveniently about halfway through our loooooong drive, so we stopped and enjoyed a meal and checked out the Alamo. I'd seen it before (back when my family lived in Texas), but it was still really cool to go.  I think Carrie enjoyed it, but I felt bad that we had to rush her a little bit.  (It's hard to read every sign in an exhibit with a two year old...) It was nice to get out of the car all the same.

Getting out some energy!

After a meal at Cracker Barrel (gotta go at least once in your life!), we continued our drive to Katy, Texas, which is just outside Houston.  There we laid down our tired heads and rejoiced in the fact that we had passed the halfway point of our trip.  Woo hoo!

Sleepy heads!

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Autumn said...

I am loving your road trip and I think it is so awesome y'all are visiting some of the same spots we visited on ours! It was a ton of great memories and you seriously look awesome in these pictures, are you sure you just had a baby? :)