Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gwen's Blessing

In our church instead of a christening, we have something called a baby blessing.  The father gives the child a name and blessing in front of the whole congregation before our regular Sunday meeting.  It's very special, not only as a way to introduce and welcome the baby to the world, but because the blessing usually names gifts and talents the child will possess throughout their life.  It's a beautiful moment, and I have treasured each time Dan has done this for our daughters. 

 Usually after church we've had a luncheon for our family and celebrated, but since we live so far away, that didn't happen this year.  I felt a little bad for Gwen, but she does get to spend the first few years of her life in Hawaii.  And since one set of grandparents were able to make it out, I can't feel too bad.  I even still tried to make a special meal for her.  (Not like she actually gets to eat it anyway. ;))

Despite the fact that our gathering was much smaller than usual, it was still a perfect day.  I'm so grateful that families are forever, and how lucky I seemed to get with mine.  Welcome to the world, Gwinnie.  You are so very loved.

Struggling to get that decent family picture...it's gotta happen eventually, right??

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