Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm here for the party!

I've been getting bogged down with really stupid crap lately.

I'm back in the game now though. Bring on the chips and cheese dip and those little plastic red cups!!

Smile. It's good for you, and releases endorphins into your system. Whenever people talk about releasing endorphins, I always picture little men inside my body releasing tiny dolphins into my blood stream.

Brandon's one year mark is Friday. We have a three-day weekend, and it's Valentine's day, which means lots of chocolate, French toast in the morning, and Katho and I are going to Victoria's Secret. =]

That's all. I should write in here more often.


Lisa said...

I THINK OF DOLPHINS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW WE ARE TWINS!!!!!!!!!

Already the one year mark!!?!?!?? Time seriously goes by sooo freakin fast.

And WHY was I not invited to Vickie's!?!?! HHAHAHA what if people actually called Victoria's Secret "Vickie's"!?!? It's like redneck lengerie hahahahaha. It would probably be decorated with antlers and bear skins. Bear skin lengerie. omg.

7carrs said...

LOL! Thanks for making me laugh Lisa. So Lauren, what do nice unmarried Mormon girls buy at "Vickies" for valentines? Or are you just splurging on under apparel?
By the way- a very nice package is coming your way- and I sacrificed something to send to you. You can thank me later- by getting all A's or something amazing :)
Sorry about the crap. Does happen in life- but like you say- SMILE and move forward with life.
love your crazy mama!

Lauren said...

Hahahaha I love Babooshka Lisa!!

And calm down, Mom, it's just and under apparel splurge.

And I love packages!!!

7carrs said...

I was just teasing :)Hopefully the package comes soon . . .