Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Life is crazy. I have a quadrillion things to do, but I have no attention span so we'll see how the next two weeks go. If I make it through Friday there may be hope for me to live a long life.

I had an absolutely, incredibly, wonderfully, amazingly, fantastically awesome weekend. First off, I got to spend some much needed time with my buddy, Benjamin. He is just the greatest and really helped me make it through my freshman year out here. It was really nice to be able to just talk like it'd only been a week instead of a year. I love friends like that. That's the same way with Ellen. There's never any awkward "well, what do we talk about?" moment. We just jump right back into each other's lives. Kindred spirits. =]

Also, I got to go to Salt Lake and visit Grammie and Grampie. I definitely needed a weekend of relaxation before the next two and a half weeks. I got to go to the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference. That was amazing, of course. I love Conference. I always hear exactly what I need. So long as I don't fall asleep. (Nobody's perfect. =]) I think my favorite part of the adventure though was on Sunday afternoon; before we left, Dan and I went and walked around Temple Square. It was so pretty and warm! I didn't even need a jacket!! I also got some pretty cool pictures. I'd post them here, but there are way too many. If you want to see them, you can look at my facebook. Definitely worth it.

When we were at Temple Square, Dan mentioned that we'd been dating a month. I hadn't really been keeping track, but just so everyone knows: best month ever!

In other news, I am beyond ecstatic for school to be over and to hit the road and peace out to sunny California. Things I will be doing: -hitting the beach. -DISNEYLAND!! -visiting San Diego. -seeing my family. -meeting Dan's family (...that's slightly intimidating).

In conclusion, life is scary because I keep getting closer to this "grown-up" thing, but life is also the greatest because I have amazing people who chase away all the scary stuff.


7carrs said...

ahhh . . . we are always willing to help chase away the scary stuff. Glad you had an amazing weekend- and good luck this week and next- we know you can do it!

robertandsharon said...

Just keep your chin up and keep moving forward with those classes and preparations for your finals. We know you can do it and do it well. Expand that attention span deficit....BTW, we loved having you and the friends here for the weekend. You help us stay young-er!!

Lisa said...

I miss you Babooshka. :[