Tuesday, May 5, 2009


One of my favorite parts in Le Petit Prince is when he meets the fox, and asks him to play. The fox says he can't play with the little prince, because he isn't "apprivoisé". (That's tamed for you non-french speakers.) The little prince doesn't understand and the fox explains that to tame someone is to create a bond with them. The fox says that when he becomes tame, he will become unique in the world to the little prince, and vice versa. That's so beautiful to me.

I love hearing the words, "I love you."
I love saying them more.

Tu seras pour moi unique au monde. Je serai pour toi unique au monde.

I am so lucky.


7carrs said...

mmmm. . . a little hint in there? I would say you have overcome your fear of commitment.
love ya

robertandsharon said...

hmmmmmm....what are you saying and translate that line in French for me. I love you...but I don't think I'm who you like hearing it from???? LOL ;) ;)

Lauren said...

Grammie --it means "I will become unique for you in the world. You will become unique for me in the world." The fox says it. It's just one of my favorite lines in that scene. =]

And I love hearing I love you from everyone...
But maybe there's a hint. Maybe. =]

Lisa said...

A hint of course!!!! ;]

And thanks for your comments....we can be step-on-people's-toes buddies. Or kick-people-when-they-step-on-our-toes buddies. Um yeah..

7carrs said...

Lisa- you crack me up= I am sorry you aren't in Provo for me to see when I go visit.
Lauren- Dana told me some interesting news last night:)