Friday, May 15, 2009

Sweet Jams

This is good music:

I started listening a lot to this artist today. He's really jazzy and great.

Speaking of music, I have a confession. I have become an American Idol junkie. I do not know how this happened. In high school, I refused to watch this show, because...well it's ridiculous. But this season, I have been sucked in. I watched an episode once when Dan and I first started dating...and then maybe a few other times, and then when we visited his family, I just got really into it...and I VOTED THIS WEEK!!! Mostly, I just really hate Adam Lambert. I mean, I'm sure he's a nice guy and everything, he's just a really obnoxious performer. Also, I'm in love with Kris Allen. Good thing they're the last two, right??? It's a battle to the death. Point being though, I actually really do like Kris' music. I bought some of his recordings on itunes today. (I told you, I'm a JUNKIE!!!) Anyways, you should go listen to Kris perform Sinatra's The Way You Look Tonight...or the acoustic version of Heartless (not the studio recording one...just watch a video from the show) It's just so cool!! He just seems really down to earth and normal and somebody who I would actually want to buy an album of. And I sound like a creepy fan girl, so I'm going to end this post and go to bed and stop being ridiculous.


robertandsharon said...

I have to admit I watch American Idol, too. I got hooked when David Archeleta was on because I wanted a clean-cut Mormon boy to win...then I just starting watching again this year. I, too, cannot stand Adam Lambert - he is way too over the top and the judges just think he is the greatest thing ever; they even told people to vote for him this week. I didn't vote, but I hoped he would not be in the final, just because they think it is a run-away this year. I felt bad that Danny was voted off, but I do like the way Chris sings and he seems to be such a humble kid - they keep telling him to stop being humble. He has a pretty wife, too. So I guess Grammie is an American Idol junkie. LOL

7carrs said...

OH NOOOOOO!!!!!!! Am I going to have to de idolize you too?!! Haha. I am proud to say I have never seen an episode of that show. Of course- there are lots of shows I could say about that. I just don't have a lot of time for tv. Just give me my House, 24 (I am a junkie of that show this year) and my law and order:ci.
Can't wait to see you in 2 days!!!