Thursday, June 25, 2009


I started school on Monday. I'm actually kind of having fun, because I actually have something to do. =] French is my favorite class. Which is weird, because last semester, I hated it. I think it's mostly because I just like my professor a lot more. And it's pretty much a literature class, just in a different language. So money in the bank on that one. I'm still not that excited about Genealogy and Living Prophets...but they're growing on me. Kind of.

Good news though! I get to go on vacation with Dan's family on July 13!! We're going to a lake in central California...I forget what it's called. Apparently, I have to learn to wakeboard. Ha. I'm not so excited about that, but I am pretty excited to hang out with his fam. You marry the family. =] (Excuse me the blatantly obvious hint there.)

Spring and Summer term are boring and quiet and slow, and I don't know if I like them. Nobody is here, nothing is ever happening, and it's been hotter than an armpit in hell the past few days. It is nice to only have three classes, but they're at supersonic speed. Physical Science taught me that nothing travels faster than the speed of light, but I don't think anybody took these classes into account.

Also, I saw The Proposal...I loved it. Shalee and I went to go see it...yesterday maybe? I nearly peed my pants at least three times. Honsestly, one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while.

I'm kind of scared for this next week, cuz Katherine left today, Lacey is leaving tomorrow, and Shalee starts EFY on Monday. I'm going to be a friendless loser. Sad life. I have new roommates...they're cool/cute/nice, but they just barely graduated high school, and I'm really shy without Katho and Sha and Lace. I guess I have to get over it.

I love Meg & Dia lately. I love my hair lately. I love baking cookies with Shalee and watching movies. I am weirded out by boys who sit next to me in the JSB to tell me they saw me walking through the Tanner 20 minutes before, and they hope to see me around. I don't love 8 minute abs. I don't love Dan working late nights causing me to ramble away in here. Although, Brother Minert would be proud. This probably counts as some form of a Personal History or something.

Katherine left a picture of Miley Cyrus hanging on the wall right in front of me. That little terd.


robertandsharon said...

Sorry everyone is leaving you...but you still have Dan - part of the time...Do you have to miss classes to go on vacation and will that hurt your grades? How long will you be away?

robertandsharon said...

Also, let me know what kinds of things you are doing in the Genealogy class...maybe I can help with some information, etc. Do you need any stories or charts?

Lauren said...

Yeah, I'll be missing a few classes, but I'm working with my professors to turn stuff in early and everything so that I won't be behind when I get back.

And actually, I'd love some help on the genealogy class. I'm supposed to figure out how much we have done, who's done the work, and where it's stored. Actually, if I come up and visit I might talk with you about it. That class is pretty intense...

7carrs said...

Lauren you crack me up! And I miss you!!! It has been strange not having you here this summer. You will have fun wakeboarding- I think it is easier than water skiing. I could never get up on skis on the water, but I could knee board (don't know if that is the same). Bishop Larsen and his son made me try the knee board after my pathetic attempts at skiing. Have fun and keep working hard!!