Tuesday, August 4, 2009

J'ai fait la cuisine!!!

I made a quiche today! Baking success!! I made it with Kailey, who was one of my buddies freshman year. We had a baguette and salad and some Brie while we were waiting for the quiche to bake. P.S. The first Brie we bought was totally disgusting and expired and we had to take it back to the store. It was worth it. We polished off the French meal with some gelato, which I know is Italian, but France and Italy are next door neighbors, and who doesn't love gelato? Besides, I said the prayer in French and that has to count for something. We had a good time, but I don't know if I like grocery shopping with her. Her mother is a total health fanatic and brainwashes her children. (I don't feel guilty saying that, Kailey freely admits it.) They're all practically vegans now. Which is great and healthy, but I'm just not ready for that sort of food-commitment in my life. They're not super strict about it, but they don't eat anything processed, and they try to stay away from animal protein. Milk and eggs are the best things in this world!! She still ate/made the quiche with me though, and we're pretty awesome cooks, if I say so myself. Before Kailey left, Cassie and Steph (the new roommates) started interrogating her about all the things that are good/bad and started pulling out food for her to look at the labels. This went on for like an hour. We then discussed Kraft Singles and we love grilled cheese too much to be healthy. Or maybe that was just me and Dan. Point of this night being, one french activity down, one to go...before next Monday. Procrastination is a speciality of mine.

Can I just throw in that I love Dan's family to death? They're fantastic people, and I think Zach and Kimmy are tied for second in the competition for my favorite Snow. I shouldn't have favorites, I know. But there it is. Anyone that will discuss Harry Potter with me has a special place in my heart. And I'm so excited for Zach to come up to BYU in the fall. He cracks me up.

I also just can't wait till December. And I'm not talking about Christmas. Kbye.

P.S. I need to practice everything more. I'm turning into a talentless blob.


robertandsharon said...

You crack me up!! and I love you to death....and you ARE NOT A TALENTLESS BLOB!!!

7carrs said...

you are so talented it makes me sick. haha.
You know we had baked brie at our reception- crossaints with chicken salad, there was our nod to all my french.
Glad to see you working so hard on your classes. I think it may pay off . . .

Lisa said...

Brunhilde, I love you as well.
In all honesty, if I get reaccepted, I plan to bring absolutely nothing with me but potatoes.
P.S. I am making you an epic birthday present which will probably be late. Apologies.