Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You don't need all you think you do.

Ok, so big news first: Dan got into USC's School of Dentistry! Yay! I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't super excited at first; I'd really been hoping we'd still be able to move back east. I know I'm crazy; obviously LA is a HUGE upgrade from Provo...I just wanted to be closer to my family (and all my friends in Florida). I felt really bad, cuz I was really putting a damper on Dan's big day. Fortunately, I managed to get over it, and now I CAN'T WAAAAAIT!! I seriously look at apartments everyday on Craig's List...even though we're not moving till August. Really, though, it's gonna be bomb. I started making a mental list of all the reasons it will be awesome, and it keeps going on and on. Here are some of them:

2. We'll be super close to my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Robert.
4. We'll be super close to Dan's family.
5. I'll get to hang out with all my San Diego buddies.

6. San Diego in general.
7. Disneyland!
8. We'll have a REAL apartment. Not this dorm-for-grown-ups with cinder block walls and ugliness.

9. I'll get to see Benjamin.
10. Dan is fulfilling his dreams!

Strangely, I'm getting sad to leave Provo. I've been here for a few years now, and I'm oh so sad to leave all my wonderful friends I've made here. BUT California isn't that far away from Provo, so hopefully they'll be able to come road trip and see me! (On that note, anyone is welcome, anytime. =])

Ok so other good news: Winter Semester is almost over! Yesterday was the last day of classes, and so Katho and I went out to celebrate! Here we are at our favorite French Bakery stuffing our faces of delicious goodness:

Also, I cut my bangs off today. Just woke up and decided the time had come. I haven't cut my own bangs in awhile though...sooo I kinda forgot about how my double cowlick makes them curl up shorter than expected. So, basically they're shorter than I thought they would be, and I'm still not sure if I like them. However, I am still operating under my philosophy that it's just hair and it'll grow back, so why not experiment. You can judge for yourself:

Also also, I am thinking about chopping off the rest of my hair to my shoulders-ish. I will probably have a professional take care of that though haha.

The weather is lovely and spring-timey, and tonight Dan and I are going to the dollar theater to see Pocahontas in Space (aka Avatar). Life is good in the hood.

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brighton said...

congratulations! i'm glad you are being able to look at all the positive things about moving...even though i'm really sad you're leaving me in provo!!!

as for the bangs, i like them, and i think your hair would look really good shorter.

let's get together after finals are over!