Monday, April 26, 2010

My Mini-Spring Break

Since BYU doesn't have an actual spring break, it's nice that I get almost a whole week off between Winter semester and Spring term (which starts on Tuesday at 8:15 in the morning...ugh). Dan wouldn't take me to California, so instead we had a just-as-awesome time at Grammie's house with Katho. Which is great, because that means we got to take Katherine to the airport and monopolize her last few days in Provo. Plus, who doesn't love hanging out/shopping with Grammie??


7carrs said...

wish I could have been there for shopping with Grammie (and hanging with Katho her last few days!)
love ya!

robertandsharon said...

You know you are always welcome for a get-away at Grammies. She loves company! And she loves you and Dad!