Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Indie Rock 'n Roll For Me

Hi friends! So, I have this big folklore project coming up, and it's worth a huge percentage of my grade. As nerve-wracking as that is, I chose a fairly fun topic: the Indie subculture in America. Basically, I'm studying group dynamics and the American drive to "be different" through conforming to a group.  A special thanks to the hipsters of Provo for inspiration!

I'm really excited because it's going to be totally awesome, and everyone who I've talked to about this seems to think it's a pretty cool idea. BUT I need your help. Yes, you. I need to have 8-10 interviews collected for my project. And before you start thinking, I'm not "indie" enough to be interviewed, just stop. Because that means you're perfect. As long as you have any opinions, stories, or ideas about indie music/film/clothing/culture, you're just who I'm looking for. And you'll be able to know everything about this project from start to end. I plan to eventually make the interviews into some kind of documentary, because I'm hoping that they'll be fairly telling of society and pop culture in America. In addition, I'm planning on posting a lot of this to my blog, just for kicks and giggles. SO have some fun, make a difference, and let me know if you want to be interviewed! Thank you loyal followers. =]


lyse. hi. said...

This. Is. Epic.

I'm basically fascinated by that picture: the evolution of a hipster... yeah. True story.

Autumn Lynn said...

I'm totally game with helping :)