Monday, May 10, 2010

In the Snow household...

We are dedicated students:

(This is me finishing my folklore project. You can laugh, Dan did too.)

We are champions! Dan's team won their soccer game on Saturday! Woooohoooo!

His team barely won. They tied with the other team in like the last minute of the game, and then it went to a shoot out, which was actually really exciting! (Which is saying something, because we all know I'm not that big of a sports fan!)

We eat a lot.

We went to Red Lobster to celebrate Dan's wonderful win, and Dan tried to convince the waitress that I was pregnant. He's so nice. Also, I tried shrimp for the first time!! It was ok. I wouldn't say it's a new fave.

We went to my aunt and uncle's for Mother's Day and had a delicious feast. She even let us take home some extra pie! (Sorry, no picture, I forgot to take any, I was too busy stuffing my face!)

We love our mothers.

My mom is awesome. She is for real one of my best friends. She listens to all of my problems, and even though we don't always agree, we manage to get over it. She is such an incredible inspiration to me. She really is Mrs. Incredible, and I hope I can be as fantastic of a mommy as she is some day. (Also, I know she looks like my sister and not my mom. Don't worry about it. She was like 21 when she gave birth to me. Calm down.)

Getting married is great, because now I have two awesome mothers. Carrie is probably the coolest MIL a girl could ask for. She always is ready with some cheesy joke, and she can even handle the combined teasing of Dan and Zach. She is just wonderful, and I can't wait to move closer to her in August! Also, she makes the most delicious lasagna you will ever taste in your life.


Autumn Lynn said...

Both of your Moms are so cute, and yes, your Mom does look super young. Were you Johnny appleseed?

Lauren said...

Haha well, I was JENNY Appleseed. I know, cheese-tastic. =]

Jessica said...

Lauren! I am glad you have a blog, too! Now I can keep track of you while you are away, having adventures while Dan goes to school. Thanks for finding me:) Hope you are having a good summer.

7carrs said...

awwww . . . I think you will be a fabulous mommy someday! (just not too soon :))

Garrett Steppat said...

Hooray for moms! (haha at the first picture).