Thursday, June 3, 2010


Seeing old friends, like I did this weekend:

Getting to know someone awesome.  (Like Autumn!)

My husband.  And getting to spend a whole, entire day with him!  Love!

My family.

All of my wonderful friends everywhere in the world.

When I'm making brownies and have to mix the butter in and it looks like this and smells so unbelievably good I feel like I could just die happy right there.

Sweet Jams.

Cute clothes.

Postmodern literature.

Anything vintage.

Pretty pictures.

Sunny sunny sunshine.

Adorable little kids that make me think I just can't wait to be a mommy (but really, I can).

When I make banana bread and it turns out.  Which it most definitely did not do this weekend.  But I salvaged about half the loaf.

The beach.  And I will be at one in Mexico at the end of this month!


Garrett Steppat said...

I can't tell whether that food item at the bottom is meat loaf or corn bread!

Lauren said...

It's my sad sad banana bread...=[

Garrett Steppat said...

Sad? Banana bread is amazing!!!! NOM NOM NOM

Autumn Lynn said...

Haha, I started laughing when you said adorable children...but then you can totally wait. Little kids are scary!

I am happy we are becoming friends even if it is right before you leave :)

Your comments always make me laugh on blog, but those olive oil cookies sounded like a winner