Saturday, June 5, 2010

My lovely interviewees.

So, this last week I finished up the interviewing for my project, and I thought I'd introduce all my wonderful helpers, since I'm going to be posting parts of the interviews up here.

Hope Carr.

This is my seester.  She just finished her sophomore year of high school, and she is a babe.  I interviewed her because I thought it'd be interesting to get the high school perspective on the indie phenomena.

Lyse Cook.
Lyse is just wonderful.  She is so fun/funny, and so easy to talk to.  She is dating Dan's brother Zach, and is just about the cutest thing out of Oregon.

 They're so cute!

Zach Snow.
Zach is my brother-in-law, and he is seriously funny.  We've basically gotten along ever since we met...mostly because he is like Dan the second.

Cooper Carr.

We're not related.  And if we were that would just be creepy, because we dated for a bit.  Anyways Cooper is the kind of guy that can always make you laugh, and he's so cool that he's the only one of my friends in Texas that I have kept in regular contact with since I moved.  He's also one of the nicest guys I know.

Shalee Curtis.

Shalee has been one of my roommates/best friends since I moved out to Provo.  Basically, she's like family.  She is one of the best people I know and is such a great example to everyone around her.  There really aren't words to describe this girl and how much she has helped me out when I've been in a rough spot.

Autumn Clement.
I know I look weird in this picture, it's ok.

I feel like I've mentioned Autumn a ton in my last few posts, but it's ok because she is great.  Autumn is my talented and fun cousin who I am finally getting to know.  We both seem to have blessed with the southern gift of gab...and apparently similar facial features...=]

Brighton Capua.
Sorry for the facebook stalking that occurred to get this picture...

Brighton is my English major buddy.  We met Winter semester 2009, and led seemingly parallel dating lives when we met our husbands.  I love talking with Brighton about almost anything, because we seem to have such similar opinions.  She has the best common sense and the best fashion sense of just about anyone I know.

Dan Snow.

My spectacular husband who I love so much.  I'll be honest, his answers were mostly one liners, but I still love him for helping me out since one of my friends I was going to interview didn't get back to me.  Dan can make me laugh no matter what, and even though sometimes he drives me crazy, it's in a good way.  I love him!

I have such great friends!


lyse. hi. said...

I just want you to know that when Zach saw this, he said, "YES! Made the blog!" and did a fist pump.

although, to be far, i was pretty excited too.

Autumn Lynn said...

I feel so privileged! I have been sick here lately so I have been kind of non-correspondent, but would totally like to have a lunch date with you or something sometime :)