Monday, June 14, 2010

Penny on the train tracks

It's funny that even though it's just me and Dan, we have to "get away" for the weekend to spend quality time together.  You'd think we have plenty of time at home, but with school and work and everything, we really don't.  Which is why it was SO nice we were able to spend the weekend up at his grandparents' cabin in Heber.  It's nice to have alone time with no distractions...other than the World Cup...=]

(This is what happens when you forget you have the zoom on and then your camera dies.  Good thing this is the only picture I took of us all weekend...)

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Lisa said...

Now I will think of you and Dan going to a cabin every time I hear that song. How creeper.

Or maybe I'll pretend we're all on a farm where all our troubles go away. It seems to fit with the wife making lemonade in the kitchen part. woooo

Anyways I'm glad you had a lovely time. And I'm also glad this comment is almost as long as the post itself. The end. I love you.

PS The word verification is peedoisc....comedy club!