Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gonna trade the weather for the Western Coast

Due to the fact that my camera cord is stuck in a box somewhere in the garage, and I really don't want to go digging through everything just for that...I am still picture-less.  My apologies.

So here we are in California...most of you have probably heard the story of our journey here, but here it is for posterity:
We FINALLY rolled out at noon--which wasn't exactly according to plan, but we figured we'd make it to Newbury Park around 10:30 or so.
On the way up, Dan's car started spewing this nasty black smoke from the exhaust pipe--which made me a little nervous, especially when we had to keep getting over to the slow lane because his car was acting funny.  But it seemed fine, and we made it all the way across the California border...and then his car broke down.  In the middle of the desert.  If this sounds familiar, that's because it should.  (2009 April breakdown in Vegas, followed by the breakdown in 2009 breakdown in Mesquite a week and a half later in the same car).  Since we'd only made it ten miles into California, we spent the night in Prim, Nevada, which is basically a giant casino resort in the middle of nowhere.  We'd left Dan's car on an off-ramp, and we had to hang out with it all Saturday morning so that the highway patrol wouldn't tow it.  Things got pretty boring, and REALLY hot.  Fortunately, Dan's dad came to rescue us, complete with a trailer to tow Dan.
So the moral of the story is: Nevada hates Dan and his vehicles.

Since we've arrived the following events have occured:
Dan's great-grandma gave us her car for free because she doesn't drive it anymore.
I've spent too many hours at the DMV to register our cars/get my license. (And I'm still not done...)
I officially changed my last name!
We went to Dan's white coat ceremony and got a tour of the dental school.
We went to the Los Angeles temple--SO SO BEAUTIFUL inside and out!
Cheesecake Factory.
Dan and I subbed in Primary in church today.  I made chocolate chip cookies because I'm awesome.
I helped Kim make Cafe Rio Salads today.
I've been working out every morning with my fantastic mother-in-law.  She puts me to shame, seriously.
I learned how to roundkick (thanks to those early morning workouts).

In other news, I still don't have a job, and any leads anyone has would be greatly appreciated. 
Love and miss everyone!


lyse. hi. said...

Lauren. I literally cannont believe that you and Kim made Cafe rio salads without me! She didnt even like them when Zach and I made them for her!! I'm so mad!

Also, I'm really jealous of your life right now

7carrs said...

hey girlie! glad carrie can get you to exercise- guess I failed at that. can't wait for pics, perhaps an answer to that problem will come soon :)
miss you!!

Autumn Lynn said...

Wow, at least you have a car right? That is way lucky!

I am glad you love LA and your in-laws :)

robertandsharon said...

You are an awesome granddaughter and I told you life would be can only get grander! Love you and miss you!

Renee (and Eric) said...

What is it with Nevada and men who marry girls born in Cali and cars? Didn't your Dad have a little car trouble along that stretch of the road when he was dating your mom?

Lisa said...

Wow what a horribly eventful drive! I'm glad you made it alive in one piece my dear Babooshka! Provo is not the same without your outrageousosity.

PS there's a bag of potatoes on our kitchen floor and I missed you when I saw them.