Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my big 2-1!  And it was awesome.  Especially the part where I got a new camera!  (Thanks Mom and Dad).
Dave and Carrie (Dan's parents) made a delicious pancake breakfast in my honor, and Dan gave me my birthday present--SEASON FOUR OF BONES!  Yeah, he loves me.
Dan was a good sport and took me shopping at the outlet malls...and then we went to Ross because the prices of brand name clothing (even at the outlet) depressed him.
Dan's parents took us out to dinner at Macaroni Grill.  Funny story: after the host sat us, he took away my and Dan's wine glasses, and then proceeded to tell Dave and Carrie where to find the wine list.  Normally I wouldn't care since I don't drink, but on my 21st birthday, REALLY?  Later, when our waitress came to take our drink orders, she asked if we were out for any special occassion, and Dave said we were out for my birthday, informing our waitress that I was "legal."  The waitress looked at me and said, "Oh, it's your 18th birthday?"
I've joked before that I look like a high school student, but I thought I was just being my usual hyperbolic self.  Guess not.
Carrie made me a delicious cake, and got me supplies to go with my sewing machine she gave me for my graduation present. 
And thanks to all the birthday wishes via text, facebook, and phonecalls!  I feel so loved and blessed.  I am the luckiest.


Autumn Lynn said...

Haha...I kind of wonder what was going through the waiter's head when Dan said you were "legal."

I was asked by some of the high school students I was sent to work with "Which classes are you in?"

Happy belated!

7carrs said...

Happy Birthday to the little red headed girl who lights up our lives! Miss you and love you!

Lisa said...

Ahahahah I love the story about the waitress. I'm sure you'll appreciate looking young when you're old. Like your mom. Not that she's old, she just looks young.

For what it's worth dear Babooshka I do not think you look 18...

robertandsharon said...

Hope you received your birthday card from us?? Wish I could have gone shopping with you - that is always such fun! Love you and miss you....